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Mikey Smit’s New EP ‘You Don’t Know Me’ Inspires World To Embrace Individuality


mikey smit

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mikey Smit needs to make a statement.

Everything Obvious Evidence Isn’t Often.

It’s a tongue twister, that’s for sure. But it’s a statement that he knows is thought-provoking and should make people consider something that he’s trying to pass along to the world with his new album, “You Don’t Know Me.”

“It’s a statement for all those people who doubt you and who never believe that you will do the things you say you’ll do,” Smit said. “There are so many people out there who feel like they have to critique instead of appreciate art. There are so many people who just listen and don’t fully consider the beauty of what I’m creating. So when I say Everything Obvious Evidence Isn’t Often, I’m saying that people should look beyond what they see or expect and appreciate the effort and individualism that each of us brings to the world.”

The songs on Smit’s new album are a perfect example of the style of music he makes, while also being their own kind of statement to all the haters he’s had to overcome during his career. He said there have been plenty of people who doubted him and never believed that he should be taking the route he has taken with music, and “You Don’t Know Me” is his way of showing those people that he is a world-class musician who can be successful while also inspiring others to chase their dreams and ignore the haters.

The main single from the album is called "MommaWeMadeIt", and is a reflection of the very sentiment he’s trying to get across with the entire project. It’s also the first track on the EP, and he said he knows it has the kind of vibe that will immediately make listeners perk up and want to follow along for the entire ride.

“Everybody has that experience where they can’t wait for the day when they can look their mom in the eye and say, ‘We made it!’” Smit said. “To get there, you just have to maintain and grow. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be at, but once you get there you also have to maintain it. But this song is really about the feeling you get when you finally are able to say, ‘Mama, we made it!’”

Another single on the album is “No Look.” It’s a song that further examines this theme of embracing individuality and ignoring the critics. He said the lyrics talk about having no face, no image and no meaning and how negative that can be. He then compares that to the excellence of living fully in the unique qualities of your personality and how that can assist others to become the best versions of themselves – similar to how an NBA all-star can elevate his teammates with a no-look pass.

Two other songs on the EP are also standouts. “Who Gives” is the only song on the EP that Smit didn’t produce. It has a feature on it with female vocalist Tay Weinstein and producer Marc Angelo. While Smit produced all of the other songs, he was eager to work with Angelo and said he was fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate on this song with these two amazing artists. The other single is “Our Reasons in the Sky,” which features Lorence Michaels on vocals – who happens to be Smit’s father and label partner.

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