Music Industry News Network [11-30-2017]

I Became A Composer. After That I Also Did TV Programs, Commercials, Movie Music And So On #musicmoney Meets Japanese EDM Artist @musictaxi8


Where are you from?
→ Japan

Explain your sound:
→ Japanese style EDM.

Please tell me about the latest project:
→ I have not made EDM until now.
I am a little famous composer in Japan and I'm composing songs for Doraemon.
Do not you think that it is interesting if Doraemon's composer starts EDM?
I had the chance to start it.
This music video is still a prologue
I can make lots of better songs, like Doraemon's pocket
If this succeeds I will make the next song

Who will inspire you?
→ Martin Garrix
And it is Jay Hardway. I meet him once in Japan. An actor also appearing in this music video appeared in Hardway 's music video and I met in that relationship. He's a very good guy.

I also like Avicii, R3 HAB, dimitri vegas & like mike.
Anyway I like EDM.

How did you get into music?
→ It was originally a singer-songwriter. But I realized I had no singing talent! ! haha
That's why I became a composer.
After that I also did TV programs, commercials, movie music and so on.

Where do you see your career in five years?
→ This is the first activity of DJ, other career is not important

Where can I check your sound?
→ I really want you to watch a music video on YouTube

If you like, you can also buy itunes store and other distribution sites.

Tell me something about people you need to know:
Now finally EDM is prevalent in Japan and Asia.
I am that cutting edge. I think that my real music image of EDM in Japan is reflected in my music video.
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