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Rapper Zay Dougie Releases New Hot Single “Run Up”

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Hailing from Colorado Springs is talented rapper Zay Dougie. The new Fayetteville transplant has been taking music seriously for over a year now. The artist is accustomed to moving around the world, whether it be for his family or for his career. He began rapping over instrumentals, and crafted his own music in his spare time. This served as a form of expression for Zay Dougie, as it was the one thing that stayed constant in his life.

The rapper also possesses serious athletic ability, as he originally moved to North Carolina to pursue a career in basketball. Though things didn’t go as planned, it became evident that music was the right path for him. Though Zay Dougie never gave up, he channels his frustration into songwriting and rapping. “For me, it’s something that is relieving. I want to continue doing this, and now my goal is to just make it to the top,” said the rapper. He is steadily putting in the work necessary in order to achieve that goal, which is evident in his latest single, titled “Run Up”.

Currently, Zay Dougie has something special in the works for his fans, as he plans to release a single a month. “I want to let people know that there’s a new rapper coming into the mainstream,” said the artist “It’s something serious.” As mentioned before, his latest single “Run Up” has become an instant hit, as it mixes the perfect, party vibe with Zay Dougie’s signature sound. The artist describes the single’s essence best in his own terms. “It’s basically your team, and you mean business. You do anything to get your shine, and y’all just made it. It’s the life that y’all always wanted to live. A lifestyle that I one day hope to live,” said Zay Dougie. In short, there’s no doubt this artist will make it far.

No stranger to hard work, the rapper has dreams of being a major force to be reckoned with in the industry. Apart from nailing his music down, he still ensures he has his family’s back through motivating them to aim for the sky. Since music makes him feel alive, he hopes to bring the same sentiment to his ever-growing fan base through his music. There’s no doubt he will accomplish whatever he puts his mind to, as Zay Dougie truly possesses the talent.

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