Music Industry News Network [11-27-2017]

New Single "Gymnopédie N. 1" (Satie) - Integral 432 Hz Music


"Gymnopédie N. 1" is a composition by Erik Satie that continues the work on integral 432 Hz music by Enzo Crotti. It is a musical research that the author has been pursuing for a number of years to find the connection between music, math and awareness. For example, this song is composed in the G lydian mode, a scale that has very romantic features and thanks to its frequencies it allows to touch the strings of the first Chakra and the fifth Chakra. The beautiful and suspended Satie melody allows music to express a relaxing and romantic character to act deeply in our soul. Music is composed and recorded so that frequencies are as natural as possible, thanks to the knowledge of mathematics of life that is explained in the book: "Integral 432 Hz Music."

All that exists is vibration, even us. Music tuned with the basic frequencies of life resounds in us and gives us positive energy, in particular by stimulating emotional states and brain waves. Gymnopédie N. 1 by Erik Satie has a harmony that exalts the frequencies of G note to 384 Hz and D note to 288 Hz, connected to the first and fifth chakras, music has also been recorded so that the vibrations and the main features of music are tuned on the frequencies of the Integral 432 Hz Music using the Pythagorean scale in fifth.

The song "Gymnopédie N. 1" is available on the official Enzo Crotti website.


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