Music Industry News Network [11-26-2017]

I Grew Up In A Hard Setting But I Made It Out As I Grew By Making Smart Choices #musicmoney Meets @EddieMack59


Where are you from?
I am a Rap Artist from the United States, California, San Diego.

Describe your sound:
My sound is a symbol of lust, my social media song is the Computer Love of 2017 and possibly the future, I'm pretty sure most of us today has fallen in love with someone online.

Tell us about your new project Social Media Love
Computer love has always been a classic song and it inspired me to make Social Media Love because today we use social media to communicate and meet new people.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
In the next 5 years I see myself traveling over-seas and across the country to perform and meet new people who enjoys hip hop as much as me.

You can find my music in all online stores such as itunes, if you have trouble just Google Eddie MMack, also you can go to my soundcloud using the following link.

Tell the people something they need to know:

I am a easy going person and I love to interact with all of my fans, I grew up in a hard setting but I made it out as I grew by making smart choices. Today I make music for people who love music and understand the culture for what it is.


Instagram: @eddie_mmack_

Twitter: @eddiemack59


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