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New Found Talent For Hip-hop Helps Cleveland-based Rapper Turn Life Around

juan g

CLEVELAND, OH – Living life on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio – on Bellaire West 130th area – is not easy. It’s one of the toughest places in the country. And so it should come as no surprise that someone like Juan G would grow up selling drugs and finding himself in trouble with the law multiple times over, including multiple stints in jail.

But all that changed five years ago when he had a son. A sense of responsibility and purpose entered his life and gave him a reason to change his wayward ways. And as he has explored new ways to live a positive life, he has discovered a natural talent for making music. And so a little over a year ago he and some close friends started their own independent label call All Inn Entertainment. And on his birthday on Nov. 22, Juan G will drop his first-ever full album called “Bellaire Hiatus.” It’s an album that he said will not only put him on the map, but also shares the story of his hard life but in a way that will help motivate others to avoid that kind of negative lifestyle.

“The whole album is mostly facts – 90 percent of real life and what I’m into and my makeup,” he said. “It’s all about me. I’ve lived a crazy life, but for the past five years I haven’t gotten in any trouble. I’ve just been focusing on what I’ve got to do in life to be the person I need to be. The past year I started rapping and really got into it. It has helped me to make a break from the past – a hiatus from Bellaire.”

Juan said the album features 14 tracks that are a variety of party songs and mellow songs and “just good vibe music.” It has a handful of features on it, including Ray Junior from Cleveland, Hot Boy Turk, and a singer from Los Angeles named Briana Marin. In fact, the main single from the album “I Gotta,” features Marin’s vocals next to Juan’s laid back bars.

“It’s a song that’s basically telling you what I gotta do,” he said. “I gotta raise my son. I gotta get it by all means for my family, so we all can live right. It’s a swaggy, mellow type of song and the beat is sick. She’s singing on it real nice and I kill the whole track. It’s a nice club song, like a vibe out song.”

After the album drops at the end of November, Juan said he’ll begin working immediately on a new mixtape that he wants to release in January. It will be a project that he said will showcase the versatility of everyone involved with All Inn Entertainment. He’s also planning on performing on an eight-city tour starting Dec. 16 in cities such as Cleveland, Akron and New York.

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