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Charleston-Based Singer To Release “Side Effects” Next Week



LOS ANGELES, CA – Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina is singer and songwriter Joe Gallagher Jr., who has been perfecting his musical craft since age 16. Over the years, he has worked with many bands, as he sees the value in collaboration. Through this exposure, he received mild success in gaining a following from fans all over. The new Haven artist has written over 1,000 songs, which is impressive all by itself. What’s even more magnificent is how versatile Gallagher Jr. really is. This quality alone makes him stand out among other artists in the industry.

The singer usually sticks to alternative rock, however, he often finds himself branching out into other genres. His newest album, “Side Effects” showcases this, and is a true testament to the aforementioned versatile quality of his music. “The album contains music from all genres,” said Joe Gallagher Jr. “From country rock to hip-hop and blues and even grunge rock from the 90s era, it has it all. I like to showcase myself as a versatile artist, and what I’m capable of.” His songwriting abilities have captured the attention of so many other artists in the industry that he has often written songs for these artists, representing a variety of genres.

On November 24, “Side Effects” will be widely released to 60 different, digital streaming platforms. The artist describes his latest work of art best. “The album captures an array of emotion and style.. It has happy songs, and it has some dark songs, too. There is even a hip-hop style track with a feature from Greig “OB” Session from the Hitmasterz,” said the singer. As he incorporates so many styles and mixes in musical instruments, like the banjo and harmonica, Gallagher Jr. has surely made a hit record.

On the horizon, Gallagher Jr. has his eyes already set on his next album, which will be completely different from “Side Effects”. This album will reflect an “emotional love song type” of vibe, making it ever so radio-friendly. The songwriter plans to keep this album more acoustic and stripped down, while still possessing his signature sound. His vocal abilities set him apart from the rest, as well as his heart for charity. In fact, his single “Allyson” showcases his passion for animal rescue, in which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local rescue. All in all, Joe Gallagher Jr.’s desire is for people to feel what he feels, and tell his story through songwriting. This artist will definitely go far in his career.

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