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Guap Tarantino Takes First-hand Education From Cousin Future And Creates Incredible First Album ‘Guap Mode’


ATLANTA, GA – There are hundreds of budding hip-hop artists around the world who would give their left arm to be able to collaborate with a big-name artist like Future. Guap Tarantino had the good fortune of being Future’s cousin, and as a result he has spent the last 10 years getting a front-row seat to Future’s career. He has spent one-on-one time with the hip-hop master – and when you have a hip-hop legend dedicating that much time and effort to your career development, you can’t help but benefit.

It should come as no surprise that Guap Tarantino’s most recent project, “Guap Mode,” is blowing up since its release earlier this month. With features from Future, Young Thug and Casino, “Guap Mode” is laced with new tracks that are going to excite a whole host of new fans. It’s the kind of first project every new artist dreams about.

“It’s a mixtape that describes to you the kind of person I am and things of that nature,” Guap Tarantino said. “It’s a club song that just gives you a good vibe and makes you feel good. It’s a positive vibe – like if you make $5,000 or $10,000 in a day you would feel good, then you’d be in Guap Mode.”

The phrase is sure to be one that fans all over the world will be repeating in coming years as this new mixtape takes flight across all digital distribution sites. And for an artist who has always dreamed of following in his cousin’s footsteps, it’s a ride he’s excited to jump on.

“I’ve been rapping all my life,” he said. “Like a lot of people, I started in the kid’s choir at church. But I didn’t sing. I was the rapper in the kid’s choir. I used to rap in plays at school. Basically I’ve been rapping since I was 7 or 8. Future, Young Thug and Casino definitely influenced me over the years. They always had my back. They always pointed me in the right direction.”

And over the past decade of honing his sound, Guap said his signature style is wrapped up in both his size and his ability to adlib.

“People love my ad lib,” he said. “One dude even hired me just because he wanted me to ad lib his song. I have a good ear for music and I know when to do certain stuff. And when you hang with Future – who is so versatile – that’s icing on the cake. That’s perfecting what I already have going on. And on top of that I’m a big dude who has a lot of energy and I move like little dudes, which also makes me stand out. People always say, ‘That big dude be moving!’ And I want everybody to think of me like that – that I know how to move … not just in jumping up and down but also in my songs. My songs have a lot of energy in them. The majority of them have bounce music. So as soon as the beat comes on to one of my songs, peoples’ heads be moving. I make music that makes you bounce up and down.”

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