Music Industry News Network [11-24-2017]

Attention DJ's Must Have Music "Blu3cat - High Voltage"


Listening to Blu3cat - High Voltage makes one want to dance, and it's the perfect beat for DJ's to use for mixing and having the Club on high Voltage! This song should be a poster song for Radio and Club DJ's. Even a four year old was dancing and having fun with the beat. Looking forward to hearing more good music from this Blu3cat.

Blu3cat - Kaleido

Blu3cat is much more than a music project: it is a full-fledged artistic endeavor that encompasses different expressions, including stunning visuals such as photos and videos. Nobody really knows about the mind behind this project: some say he is a guy from Berlin, but who can know for sure? Ultimately, Blu3cat is all about extreme creativity and astonishing art, with no compromising.Recently, the project unleashed a brand new EP named “Kaleido”, featuring 4 different melodic instrumental songs. The name of the EP is arguably related to the visual art that will accompany the music, including some stunning kaleidoscopic images for Instagram, as well as a beautiful series of music videos! On track such as “Magic Moments”, Blu3cat set out to experiment with various genres, from pop to EDM and everything in between. The blend of style is unique and diverse, with a very special twist.Blu3cat is currently working on a new EP featuring collaborations with singers and other artists, as well as an upcoming anime character featuring an actual cat!Find out more, enjoy and listen:


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