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Tosheem Album "This Is Not My Album" Is Now Avaliable On Tidal And More.


Based in Syracuse, Tosheem new album "This is not my Album" is proving meaningful lyrics, that make want to listen to what the this recording artist has to say. Tosheem consider his sound as a recording artist with "diverse and versatile flow" for the current hip-hop community. To relate more to this MC, listen to his full album on Tidal : " ".

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Born December 6th, 1995 in Syracuse, New York, Tosheem "Max" Sosamino is a rising star. Beginning his musical journey early on at the age of 14, Tosheem has been recording his own music since day one. Now 20, Tosheem is more than just a music artist, he's an audio engineer & motivational speaker.

His Journey To Success began with many troubles and growing pains. Being kicked out of two middle schools and two high schools, Tosheem learned something special, that he was special. Graduating with his class of 2014 as the Senior Class President, Tosheem literally had it stamped on his chest that he's on a Journey To Success.

Post graduation, self employed as an audio engineer, Tosheem utilizes every aspect of his life for success. Recording lcoal artists under his self owned brand "Sounds Of Syracuse" Tosheem shows that he lives music. We asked Tosheem what would he consider himself as far as music and being an artist... His response "i'm Mr. Do it All. Not to sound cocky in any way, I really do it all for myself. Recording, mixing, photography, videos, and even my own business deals. The only thing I can't do is produce and I'm fine with that because I'm blessed enough to know people who are extremely talented in that area and they make me better and have developed my sound to what it is now and will become" Welcome To The Journey To Success "Success is something that is everlasting, it's like a feeling, an expression of a bundle of moments you know. Joy, pain, happiness, love, all the bad mixed with all the good. Success is going through the fire and walking out with the fire in you. It is a journey, a journey in which you gain jewels, wisdom, profit, you gain everything good because you draw it to you. Success isn't defined by materials, the materials are secondary. Success is like having the world in your hand because you have become the best you that you can be in this world. You determine success in your mind, you become success, your breathe it, you live it and it is your daily guidance, the Journey To Success is me." - Tosheem

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