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New Single Review: BLUE APOLLO - "CIRCLES”


Many alternative music bands have emerged over a decade who has gained immense popularity and success with their published work. ‘Blue Apollo’ is a group of extremely skillful musicians based in Dallas, Texas, who had immediately risen to fame with their very first released EP in April 2016.

‘Blue Apollo’ was formed as a four-member alternative band with Luke Nassar as the lead vocal who also played the acoustic guitar, Jeremiah Jensen as the drummer, Rodman Steele as the bassist and Jean Paul Labastida as the lead guitarist.

The band had originated with Luke, Jeremiah, and Rodman, during their years in the Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts when they started recording and performing songs in the college campus which led them to a huge fan following. But the real success came a few years later when they published their first studio EP, in April 2016.

This EP brought them quite a few big shows like Nelly in Moody Coliseum, American Aquarium at Trees Dallas and Cherub at Rhodes College. The EP also triggered rotation at 67 different CMJ radio stations across the country.

This year ‘Blue Apollo’ released a single, ‘Circles’, which is a bonus track added to their first Long Play, ‘Light Footed Hours’. The song begins with a tuneful prelude that melts into a strong acoustic guitar section which leads into the song slowly and naturally. The musical piano notes with the single-stranded guitar chords and Luke’s introducing vocals mingle together to form a harmonious ride to a beautiful fusion of indie-pop, blues and soul genre of music.

'Circles' -

Luke’s natural and expressive voice synchronizes the lyrics well with other instrumental association for an exotic experience. The lyrics of the song are deep and heart-warming. The association of the drum beats by Jeremiah and the solid bass composition by Steele creates an incredible melody which is sure to touch the audience on the first go.

‘But I don’t want you to leave,’ brings the beginning of the chorus which forms the soul of this single and Luke too leaves no stone unturned to enrich the chorus with not only his tenor vocals but equally rich melodious musical section.

The single, ‘Circles,’ also released an engaging video filmed by Cinderblock in Dallas on the twenty-first of July, 2017. The visual features of the song are engaging as it beautifully captures the passionate theme of the song.

The undesirable pain of solitude is depicted in an innovative manner which further enhances the quality of the song and endures the audience into a circumstance so familiar to them. Luke has followed the minimalist approach when working for the digital effect on the video and it has definitely worked wonders this time.

With a distinctly strong theme and a rhythmic instrumental background ‘Blue Apollo’ has successfully mused their audience into this binding story of loneliness, desolate and pain.

-Jamie William


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