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Bossman D.E.Z. Creates Music To Motivate Others Toward Their Greatest Potential

bossman dez

ATLANTA, GA – When Dez Heard was a child, he had a front-row seat to the making of an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. His older brother was pursuing a career as a professional rapper and literally turned the living room of their mother’s house into a home studio. He and his friends would spend every day sampling sounds and recording, and of course the young, impressionable Dez thought it was the coolest thing in the world. In his own words, “It sounded hella tight.”

“I thought, ‘I gotta get in the studio and write me some stuff,’” Dez said. “And that’s how everything came about. I stayed in the neighborhood and worked with a whole bunch of different guys over the years and it all just kind of fell into place.”

Today, Dez performs under the stage name Bossman D.E.Z. And recently Bossman released a new album called “Out Da Blue.” It’s an album that he said gives a listener a detailed look into his life.

“It’s about day-to-day activities and things I go through,” he said. “It’s about stuff I’m seeing and the life I’m living. When you’re in the music business, you see a lot. So whatever I’m talking about in this album I’m going through or living it – there’s nothing made up about it. And you’ve got some of everything in there. It’s a street vibe. It’s gonna make you want to wake up and get you some money. It’s a motivation type music for whatever you’re doing or whatever you’re hustling. It’s a hustler mixtape, I feel like.”

In many ways, that description of the album also serves as a description of Bossman’s signature sound and style. He’s an artist who rarely uses auto-tune and hones in on a genre that he calls “trap street music.” He’s aggressive, but not overly so and not without creating appealing harmonies and intelligent bars. He has also spent the past few years working with different producers and collaborating with other artists as a way to help expand his sound and discover the style that fits him specifically.

All that said, at the end of the day, his sound and style ultimately reflect the kind of man he is – a man who has earned the respect of his peers and his community since he was a child.

“Growing up in the neighborhood I used to do a lot for people,” he said. “I would always see the potential in other people and try to help them out. No matter what it was they were into –sports or music or whatever – I would do what I could to help them. People started referring to me as Bossman because I could always help anybody out. And I want my music to represent young men going through life change and being able to withstand those hard obstacles, and going through and being able to elevate themselves.”

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