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New School Meets Old School In New Vegas Group TBC



LAS VEGAS, NV – There’s a hot new sound coming out of Las Vegas that is a perfect blend of old-school meets new-school.

Coming from a trio of industry legends who call themselves TBC, this new wave of music is one that they know will hit a wide audience and please ears for years to come. Dante “Turk Eyez” Evans, Bo Wheaton and Christopher “Chris X” Fowler have been working in the music industry for years and have had opportunities to work and record alongside some big names. Turk Eyez started performing at the age of 5 and has starred in many Las Vegas shows with the musical group Total Class. He has also appeared at the Alladin, Dunes and Maxim Hotels. He brings to the group a unique style with smooth delivery and silky flavor.

Bo Wheaton is the youngest of the group and brings that new-school edge to TBC’s sound. Born in Louisiana, his love of ballads and jazz helped him evolve into a singer with an easy listening style, and his work with the group The Look Band has helped him develop chops that his new group is relying on to help drive new music.

The third and final member, Chris X, is a drummer, songwriter and vocalist who was born in Vegas. What started as singing in church has grown to encompass a career as a multi-talented entertainer working alongside artists such as Gladys Knight and the Pips, Pattie Label, Eddie Levert and Frankie Beverly, just to name a few.

“Not only does our group name represent everybody’s first initials in their name, but it also is a statement of what we’re all about,” Chris X said. “Through our personal journeys, through the music business and through the other groups we’ve been in, we’ve all seen and done a lot. And this is the next evolution of our music. We’ve formed a new group, and our sound is always going to be continued. TBC means To Be Continued.”

“TBC” is also the name of the group’s first project, a five-song EP that features that unique new sound of old-school meets new-school R&B. The first single off the project is called “That’s My Bae.” Turk Eyez said it’s a song about a “sweet looking thing” whose attention everyone in the group is vying for.

“Everybody in the group is talking about how ‘That’s My Bae’,” he said. “It’s about our affections for one woman. It’s an R&B track, but it’s upbeat for today’s standards. I call it a stepping song because you can step to it. And it’s a song that shows how we’ve incorporated a mix of old-school and new school. We call it hybrid soul. Nobody is doing that, and it gives us a market for both the older generation and the new school.”

And it’s not just a reputation for solid music that the group is pushing for. They’re also establishing a new style and look – specifically with the sunglasses that have become their trademark. The signature look is one that came about when Turk Eyez created his own shades with blinged-out rims … which he calls Turk Eyez. Now, everyone in the group has a pair and their creating more to sell as merchandise for the group.

“It gives us a look that nobody has,” Turk Eyez said. “They’re all different colors of the radio and any time you look at us – whether live or in a video – you can see us with them on.”

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