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Bronx Native Rapper Phenom To Release Follow-Up To Latest EP “Ethos”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Hailing from the hard-hitting streets of Bronx, New York is rapper Phenom. Music has been a part of the artist's life since he was 13 years old. Most adolescents are not thinking about their career aspirations at this age, however, this was not the case for this talented musician. Phenom realized he was given the gift of crafting undeniably amazing music after he made the decision to leave junior high in his past. Though this was a major decision for someone so young, Phenom has never looked back, as this move was crucial for his career. 

This sort of coming of age paved the way for his future, and he started sitting in on studio sessions. "My friend was a producer, and he taught me how to produce and make music," said Phenom. "I started working with other artists in the neighborhood, and I never stopped." The momentum kept blazing ahead, especially after the artist built his own home studio two years later. With this new capability, Phenom began to make moves in engineering for various artists. Over the years, the rapper served as the executive producer a dozen other artists' albums, further establishing his brand. The success never ceased, which is what motivated the artist to take things to the next level. Phenom founded his own company, called So Phenomenal Entertainment, which is a total representation of his artistry. Within his company, he gained the privilege of working with up and coming artists, ranging from ages 11-40. 

During the first few years of his business, Phenom took a more "behind the scenes" approach for the majority of the time. As he was navigating the in's and out's of his business, he was committed to getting the proper footing to power ahead. This ultimately led to him transitioning to a role where he is routinely on the scene, much like he has been the past two years. With such an innovative artist like Phenom, one has to wonder what makes him so different. "Hip- hop is usually based on violence and money. It can be degrading at times. I'm here to deliver more of a positive vibe, and I do that through my music. It's very ‘feel good’ but also mainstream," said the rapper. Whether you're at a wild club or at a laidback BBQ with friends, anyone can vibe to Phenom's infectious sound. 

Phenom is fresh off the release of his inaugural EP, "Ethos", which he released in July. Paired with the EP is his music video for hot single "Masterpiece", which he dropped about two weeks ago. According to his fanbase, "Masterpiece" is his biggest piece of work yet. "Since the release, everything has been going very well," said the artist. "I've been doing radio runs for about a month now, along with a bunch of interviews. Between that and all the shows that I'm doing, the success of the EP has been really crazy." The work doesn't stop for Phenom, as he is already crafting a full-length album of "Ethos", which will be released next summer. He plans to take a different approach this time: "The difference between my EP and full length album is that with my full length album, I'm looking to work with more people. I've been reaching out to other producers, and I'm looking forward to having artists from my own company on the project," said the rapper. If his full-length follow-up is anything like his latest EP, there will be nothing short of widespread hype and success. 

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