Music Industry News Network [11-06-2017]

New TFG Release: Vote NO To GOP 11.07; Vote YES To G.O.P. 11.08


TFG has a New Music Release and Election Day Message for US Voters!

Vote NO to GOP 11.07
Vote YES to G.O.P 11.08

TFG's new ep G.O.P. (Gag on Peni$) out 11.08.17, rues 1-year of Trump with pro-LGBT/anti-GOP songs & videos "Orange Anus", "The Ballad of George Takei", and new animated video for "G.O.P" from comix artist Mike Diana.

TFG G.O.P. advance page

TFG's mix of indie electro rock, full frontal guitar and grindcore is dirty comedy at itís dirtiest, with funny, graphic lyrics celebrating man-on-man love.

If youíre against Trump, the conservative agenda, extreme religion in politics, or just a pervert who likes to laugh and rock out, choose TFG.

Enter, the sonic gloryhole of TFG the band and visual psychotic splendor of outlaw comic artist MIKE DIANA (appearing @ Comic Arts Bklyn 11.11.17

For more info or interview with TFG the band or Mike Diana, contact: Johnny Chiba


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