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I Really Wanna Build Something For Music In My City, Create Opportunities For People Musicmoney Meets @CeddroDaGod

Where are you from:
I'm from Florida, but to be more accurate, Polk County. I was born in Tampa, but spend my childhood all over the place. We was always moving. Lake Wales was the majority of my younger days that I went to Haines City, where I met the majority of the people I stick with today.

Describe your sound: Man tbh I just hop in the booth and do what feels right on the track. I have a rather alternative rap style, using mad layers on my mic to have multiple things going on the track. Having a low pick double with a high pitch. I try to bring good vibes, something you can vibe to with people. That's music that come on and you know the words, catchy shit.

Tell us about your latest track: Well I just dropped my first mixtape "MOODSWINGS" it's a combination of lit and mello songs using a alternative style of rap. Using different flows to just make a all around smooth project. I named it MOODSWINGS cause the energy of it rocks back and forth.

Who inspires you:
TBH local rappers inspire me. EVERYBODY in Polk County tries to do music I can't really name anyone that has made it big. But locally I look at Big Lew or PeeJay Hardknock. They just work hard as hell on they music.

Where do you see your career in 5 years:
Damn, I really wanna build something for music in my city, create opportunities for people. I see myself touring and performing man, taking care of my family. I'm more concerned with becoming a boss in music.

Where can we check out your sound:
Lol google me. I'm everywhere. Apple, SoundCloud, Spotify not Spinrilla.

Tell us something about yourself:
Man I don't know? That's hard question, I have so much shit going on with me I'll try to some it up. I'm ambitious, hungry, outgoing and an overachiever. I feel that a lot of people are depending on me, my team has helped me so much I just was give it all back to them by making it.

When I was young I would do some dumb shit, me and my folks grew up the hard way. Everything was good when I was young, my ignorance blinded me from the troubles going on around me but the older I got I could see we was broke as fuck. I started sell drugs in high school and just hated going to school cause I really didn't have cloths. Nobody really cloaked me for it, but I cared about how I looked. I was quick to spazz, but I'm way more controlled now after just getting older you get me?
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