Music Industry News Network [11-05-2017]

One Person Can Make A Difference. Have You Heard Of The Innocence Project? Musicmoney Meets @figgy251


Where are you from? I'm a gospel female hip hop rap artist from Silicon Valley California

Describe your sound: My sound is EDM/HipHop influenced with some musicality from PlanetRock and LinkinPark in some songs.

Tell us about your latest project:My latest project is my bucketlist album on called No Lane Changing Zone. Interesting facts about this album 1) I wrote the first 6 songs and my sister Kisha aka Miracle wrote the last 6 songs. 2) This project was a labor of love from songs we just did not have time to release but finally made it happen. Inspiration is the Word. We want the listener to enjoy the musicality but at the same time have the words imprinted on the heart. Some songs are pure scripture such as Track 3 LordIs (Psalm 23) and Track 6 SaveMeO (Psalm 69) but when people hear them they find it quite unique.

Who inspires you? If musically, that is a really hard one. I grew up around all kinds of music from country, classical, r&b, blues to British rock. I love Jamiroquai, LinkinPark, Papa Roach and Eagles musicality. In gospel music I have my faves to listen to like Karen Clark and the Clark Sisters, Crystal Aikens, Tye Tribbett. These are the ones that come to the top since I look for unique sounds.

How did you get into music? Genetics. Loved to sing since I was little. Used to bang on pots and pans and thought I would become a drummer. My mom was a singer and my dad was a drummer. Been in choir from a wee lad. As we grew up and hip hop took off, me and my sisters of course went into that genre and made our own style.

Where do you see your career in 5 years? I'm working with a keyboardist on some unreleased material and so would like to see that music come out. Again it probably will be influenced by the artists noted.

Where can we check out your sounds? I have 2 promo giveaways there. One for an Apple Ipad Air 16GB and an online dance contest using my music. Looking for dancers to submit dance routines to my music. Check my Youtube channel Faux Li and look for the orange bubble videos

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know:
Don't judge a book by its cover. You will see my voice does not match my face. Most people ask when they hear my music "Is that YOU singing and rapping." My response; I always say " Yes it is me." Go listen to my music first and then go to my link to CHECK ME OUT! Take the time to read my social cause and understand what I'm doing. One person can make a difference. Have you heard of the Innocence Project? Look it up and check the many young people, some who were young teenagers, serving time for crimes they did not commit.
Oh BTW I'm a gospel female hip hop rap artist from California. I have two rap names. My FIRST rap name is my fleshly name, Fauxleesha based on my real name. We all are not perfect. My SECOND rap name is my spiritual name, Madame Intent. Why? Because I'm Intent on Bringing the Word!


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