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I've Always Loved Music And Wanted To Be A Part Of It Since I Was 11 Years Old @BigTyBeatDowns


Where are you from? I'm from a tiny island called Haida Gwaii on the west side of British Columbia Canada. It's a small island community of just 5000 people.

Describe your sound:
My sound is a futuristic take on west coast g-funk, and New York boom bap, a mix of traditional sound with my own wild mix of crazy, ideas that mesh well together. It's my own take on what's been there in the past and taking it into the future.

Tell us about your latest project:
This was a project inspired by making the music I wanted to hear. I had spent years working on styles and sounds for other artists, but I wanted to make something for myself, that I could continuously enjoy over and over again, something that I hoped could be timeless.

Who inspires you?
Dr. Dre and DJ Premier are my two biggest inspirations on a production level. Neither one of them can top the other for me but both are at the top of my list for music icons. I could only dream of having a catalog like they have. I'm also inspired by OutKast and their creativity and outstanding lyricism, I only hope to be at that level one day. Wu Tang Clan, especially Ghostface and Raekwon have been major influences on me. Rza on the production side of things had an incredible run from their first album all the way to Wu Tang Forever, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, The Game and BadBoy. Timbaland is another major influence, his originality has been untouchable for damn near 30 years now. I also love underground cats like Apathy, Big K..R.I.T, U.G.K., Ill Camille, Rapsody, Effect and Dang, and Cunninglynguists.

How did you get into music?

I've always loved music and wanted to be a part of it since I was 11 years old, I didn't start making music until I was 20 years old after my first year of college. I ran into a friend who had the program Acid Pro and asked if myself and my other friend would like to rap on some tracks. I gradually got in producing my own beats with FL Studios XL, and now I've been using Logic Pro and a Loop Station 505.

Where do you see your career in 5 years? Man I see myself continuing to make good music that's hard to find for people that love good hip hop.

Where can we check out your sounds , ,
Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know:
That I come from a small town but that hasnít stopped me from achieving everything Iíve set my mind too. Think big and youíll get big.

So what next? More projects on the way


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