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Go Behind The Scenes Of Cherish Lee's Perilous Hilarious Video Shoot For "Tequila Cowgirl"


An all-American singer, songwriter and storyteller, Cherish Lee comes from a strong pedigree involving tv and movies. No stranger to the screen, Lee is the daughter of country music legend, Johnny Lee (Urban Cowboy's "Lookin' For Love") and Hollywood vixen, Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing on the hit television series, "Dallas.") But when Cherish set out to shoot her latest music video, "Tequila Cowgirl," pedigree couldn't prepare her for the perils and priceless moments that awaited her....

Cherish recalls, "Surprised we actually made it happen, with all of the colorful events that took place. We drove three vehicles out to the farm: 1-Lori (Mike and Lori own of the property), 2- my husband, baby, 3 dogs and myself, followed by 3- director, Kevin Deems, and all of his camera equipment. There was something pretty big and, most likely, metal... in the middle of the highway, and we're all going about 70mph. Lori drives over it, we hit it, and it was LOUD, and then Kevin hits it. I call Kevin, to ask if he hit what we just hit, and sure enough, Kevin has a flat. It completely bent the inside of his rim, almost in half! So, the guys change the tire, and he goes to start his car, and nothing! It won't start!! We are in the middle of nowhere, and It's about to start raining. We were able to borrow a pair of jumper cables from a gas station, jump his car, and hit the road. We're now 2 1/2 hours behind schedule.'

"Now, we are flying to Legacy Hand Crafted Furniture farm (the location,) trying to out run this storm that's supposed to be hitting us. A horse is saddled up and ready to rock 'n' roll! Kevin sets up his first shot- me riding the horse in an open area surrounded by thick thick trees. Kevin starts the drone, and that horse takes off and heads straight for the thicket, with me on him! There was no safe place for me to let go and fall off, so I just held on, folded down, so my face was protected and hoped that the horse had enough sense not to knock himself out!! In the mean time, Kevin's drone is now somewhere up in the heavens, because everyone is now watching, waiting and praying that my head doesn't get taken off, or that the horse doesn't decide to slam me against a tree, to get me off his back. Finally the horse came out of the thicket, and I got him to stop. I stayed on, took a minute, and rode him out to the near pasture and suggested the hand held camera...Hilarious!'

"While we were going to film the bar stuff at Swingin' Doors Saloon, that night, we opted out because it had been a long day, and we were all mentally and physically exahusted. Although, some tequila to round up that day, would have been nice!! We finished the shoot a week or so later, which was good because, turns out, that I was so bruised up from that horse!"

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