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Single Review: YYY - "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (feat. DeM AtlaS)


Music is not apprehended only into blending musical notes with subjective lyrics. Real music is the blend of talent and imagination of a genuine artist. Austin Carson proves this true with his innovative skills in his newly released album ‘ A Tribute To The Beach Boys Pet Sounds’, where he recreates the songs of the most critically acclaimed album ‘Pet Sounds’ by The Beach Boys, with his own artistry and originality.

Minneapolis based musician, Austin Carson is the mastermind behind his solo project ‘YYY’ which debuts its first album by re-establishing the songs of the perfect vintage ‘Pet Sounds’ by The Beach Boys. Carson had earlier performed with the liberal band ‘False Teeth’ before he started his own along with a group of collaborators and friends. ‘Pet Sound’ being a psych-rock classic and one of the most influential albums in the music world, affected Carson significantly and he poured in all his capacity and insight into each and every song of this album.

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The album ‘A Tribute To The Beach Boys Pet Sounds’ consists of all the seven songs as its original collection but are reconstructed by Carson through his own production. The album showcases various talented and skillful singers like Fort Wilson Riot, Lydia Liza, P.O.S, Al Church, Lott, Jenessa Lasota, Josh Turner aka Dem Atlas and much more.

The album begins with the unbeatable classic, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice,’ which raises its musical progression to quite a few high notches. The song begins with the sound of the ocean waves and splashing water across the beach which the synthesizer later synchronizes with the mesmerizing melody of the beating drums. The melody progression gradually intensifies as Josh Turner aka Dem Atlas voices the beginning vocals in this infectious harmony.

The original lyrics written by Brian Wilson, Tony Asher, and Mike Love, establish an atmosphere of positiveness along with Josh Turner’s husky melodious voice as he leads the song enthusiastically. Carson shows his undying confidence and spreads it all over the place with his unique production. It is noteworthy how Carson has efficiently retained the original aura of the song yet induced his own experiments with vocal harmonies, the various synthesizer creations, and organic drum beats. Carson has left no stone unturned to fit his avant-garde imagination into each rhythmic association of the song.

Since the song ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ already holds an altered position in the world of music, it becomes a tough challenge for any artist to display his credibility, but Austin Carson has amusingly implemented his quality imagination and immense technical knowledge in musical instruments to engage his audience into a trail of high-spirited song of optimism and encouragement. The quality of the sound is kept original and excellent.

This new album by YYY is an applause-worthy treat for audiences who are looking forward to the true creative music. With Austin Carson in the production and such talented singers in the lead, the album exhibits the power to grab the audience’s attention with its fresh melody and unique instrumental backdrop.

By - Jessica Fernandez


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