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Young Phenom Eli Flash Erupts With New Sound Out Of New York City



BROOKLYN, NY – One of the hottest new hip-hop artists to come out of New York City is also one of the youngest.

Brooklyn-based Eli Flash is lighting up the East Coast with a new sound and style that is grabbing the attention of more and more fans every day. His first mixtape, “The Book of Eli,” was released in February on his 16th birthday, and already he’s seen tens of thousands of plays on his Soundcloud and YouTube channels. His definitive style is showcased in particular on his breakthrough single, “Danny Phantom” – the music video for which was just released on his YouTube channel and already has more than 6,500 views.

“It’s one of those songs that I just stumbled upon the beat and just started adding to it,” Eli Flash said. “It’s more of a hype song that could be played on the radio or in a club. I think other people will like it for the same reason I first liked it – it sounds catchy. It’s something you can listen to with your friends when you’re having a good time.”

Balancing “boom bap” classic lyricism with “trap rap” contemporary catchy flows, Eli Flash is creating a reputation as an artist with raw, natural talent and a sound all his own. He developed this sound from years of growing up with a mother who loved music and had it playing in the house all the time, as well as a father who made music from time to time. One could almost say that music is in his DNA.

“I have always been around music and it was natural for me to gravitate toward it as I got older,” he said. “I didn’t even think twice about doing it. It was something I fell in love with a long time ago and the more I do it in the studio the more I love it. I love exploring different genres and being able to put together a pop song on one track and then attack an entirely different sound on another one. I think that’s really what helps to make me stand out.”

Eli Flash has further developed his skills while traveling on the Hip-Hop Ed College Tour, where he performed at venues across NYC and upstate New York. Putting in that real-world work has helped him develop some chops. It has also helped provide some inspiration for new music. He said he likes to write songs about his personal experiences and often starts a song just by trying to think of something catchy.

“I might be just talking about girls or something going on to start off with, and then once I have something catchy I just go with the flow,” he said. “Then I’ll make the melody off what sounds good and just put the words to it. If my friends get hyped then I know it works.”

Eli Flash said he’s currently working on another single that he hopes to release later this year, as well as a full album that he hopes to drop in the first quarter of 2018.

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