Music Industry News Network [10-30-2017]

Video To Vincent Poag's Unique Song "For The Girls" Premieres Now On YouTube


He is what many would call a musical genius. Vincent Poag, born and raised on Long Island and inspired largy by the in vogue 50‘s music scene, he knew at the age of eight that his dream was to become a musician and follow into the footsteps of his idols such as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

After having formed an acoustic trio and finishing college, he soon moved to Georgia, where he tried to fully pursue the career in this fascination new genre as singer/songwriter.
Back in New York he had to take on various other jobs and forget about making music for a while, but never did his creativity really leave him.

Married and a family man now, he can finally do what he wanted to do for so long. With his deep voice comparable to Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, he takes the listener on a musical journey through times and places. This is especially the case with his new music video to his 2014 album „For The Girls“, where he literally starts right at the beginning of humanity to examine the oh so tortuous, sometimes puzzling and perpetual relation between men and women, boys and girls, masculinity and femininity. Yes, also Adam and Eve get a character role in this colourful animated short film. With cheerful lyrics and a narrative playfulness, Vincent Poag shows us what men will do and have always done for a girl they adore, sometimes secretly, sometimes unwillingly for all to see. Some things just never change. In Vincent Poag‘s music video, from Newton‘s apple to ancient Egypt, it all comes together. Now you can watch this amusing and reflective tale on YouTube for the first time. You may even want to watch it more than once, because it‘s just so worth it.

Check out Vincent Poag‘s new music video „For The Girls“ right here:


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