Music Industry News Network [10-29-2017]

Interview With Mena Fall

1- How long have you been and how's your path until now in the Music Industry???

- The music of New Orleans, Louisiana is internationally acclaimed. From hip hop, gospel, rhythm and blues to jazz, the Big Easy is home to a plethora of talented musicians. Mena is no exception. She is a singer-songwriter whose lyrics transcend you to an alternate universe of female empowerment and endless possibilities. She writes from the heart and evokes emotion we have all felt throughout our lives: pain, happiness, fear and most importantly love. Her seductive vocals are tantalizing and symbolize an unprecedented fusion between jazzy soul and hip hop.

Mena began singing as a child in her hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. Although she always dreamed of pursuing a career in the music industry, she was extremely driven academically and chose to focus on her education until the latter part of her college years. It was not until she moved to New Orleans to obtain her law degree, that she really began to take her music career seriously. She began performing around New Orleans in a local cover band for several years before meeting hip hop producer extraordinaire Carlos Stephens. The two joined forces in 2014 to begin creating the sounds that are now Mena Fall.

2- What are your biggest achievements???

- I am an attorney, and finishing law school, passing the bar exam - or so I thought was my biggest accomplishment thus far, but I must say - writing the songs for this EP, my next EP and my upcoming album have been the most difficult thing I have done to date!

3- What's your latest release(s) an project(s) and what can you tell us about them???

- MY latest release is "Who Was I" and it is a passion project - I would like to think of it as my first draft of sorts. These songs are the beginning of my musical journey. I want my fans to see me as a work in progress - a real person! I want them to start this journey with me and watch me grow along the way! I would also like to note that I think of myself as a fusion of my musical influences - from Dinah Washington, Etta James, Erycka Badu, Amy Winehouse all the way to country music legend Loretta Lynn.

4- What are your future plans???

-To keep making music that speaks to me - and hopefully to others as well. My ultimate goal is not to make millions - (although that would be nice) I want to empower others to live their truth by expressing my own. Being vulnerable is hard but no one is in this world alone. If my lyrics can resonate with someone else's pain, happiness or life experience; then I have succeeded.

5- What do you like to tell to your supporters out there???

- Hop on for the ride. The Who Was I EP is only my first piece of work. I have several EP's that are scheduled for release next year and a full album by 2019. If you are with me from the start, your support and love is something that I will never forget - so hopefully you will be "falling for Mena" soon!


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