Music Industry News Network [10-27-2017]

Evolution In Music Listening Behavior


With 13 years of success in digital music streaming business, over 10 million members across the region and more than 50 billion clicks, Asia's leading music streaming brand KKBOX, published its big data analytics from the Digital Music Survey, a collaborative project between KKBOX Research Center and AC Nielsen.

Top search keywords received by KKBOX Singapore in the first half of 2017 are Big Bang, BTS, beauty and the beast, closer, Coldplay, Eric 周興哲, Ed Sheeran, Faded, Hebe田馥甄, Shape of You, TWICE, 五月天, 林俊傑, 告白氣球, 妮妮, 周杰倫, 张学友, 梦想的声音, 演員, 薛之謙 (by order of stroke-counts, not in any order of ranking). Asian superstars May Day, Jay Chou and JJ Lin maintained their dominance as the top searched keywords, while new songs, such as "Actor"(演员) by Joker Xue (薛子谦)and "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran, rapidly rose to the top of the popularity chart. One of the greatest bands of all time, Coldplay has recently put on two blockbuster shows in Singapore National Stadium with an impressive crowd of 100 000 audiences. In the same month, the play count of Coldplay's songs on KKBOX increased 62%, and their all-time hits such "Yellow," "Scientist," and "Viva La Vida" has also doubled in play count. Meantime Internet celebrities have taken the Internet by storm, thanks to their online popularity and spontaneous viral effect. Singapore's very own songwriter-singer, Hubert Ng, has recently worked with an Internet celebrity couple from Taiwan, Nico & Kim to release a single called "Nini". The song surged to the top of the KKBOX New Song Chart immediately after the release.

The global music industry has undergone some pretty dramatic changes in recent years and Asia was no exception. The rapid rise of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has created a brand new pop language within the young community. During the past year, the play count of EDM genre has grown by 1.5 times. In terms of the most frequently played songs by language in Singapore, the Chinese songs takes up more than 50%, followed by Western music which holds 24%. Korean music has also steadily grown as one of the most favored language and it occupies 10% of the total music consumption. Also, the volume of music listening is associated directly with social events and concerts as the play count of certain songs tend to increase before KTV visit as well as concert & post-concert period.


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