Music Industry News Network [10-24-2017]

Arts Garage Presents The Anibal Berraute Tango Fusion


Arts Garage presents The Anibal Berraute Tango Fusion
October 27 at 8. Anibal Berraute, Argentinean piano player, composer, arranger and producer, fuses tango with elements of other musical forms to come out with a new vibrant harmonic approach to a genre that in little over a century transcended its humble beginnings to reach the whole world and its concert halls to be finally declared “cultural patrimony of humanity” by the United Nations. Through this organic and uncertain improvisational approach, coupled with individual virtuosity, Anibal Berraute Tango Fusion delivers an exciting experience that keeps an audience at the edge of their seats.

Arts Garage is located at 94 NE 2nd Ave in Delray Beach. Tickets are $30-$40-$45 at or 561-450-6357. BRING YOUR OWN ... WHATEVER! The theater boasts cabaret-style table seating, where patrons can bring their own food and drinks, including alcohol. Music courtesy of KCC Productions.


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