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Print All In New Window Big Infinite's Debut EP "Volume One" Aims To Shed Light On Mental Illness In More Ways Than One


Jordan Lally started his first band, Fiction 20 Down, in 2011. They wrote, recorded and released successful independent albums, toured nationally, and achieved their fair share of success. Then one day in 2014, while the band was on tour in Florida, Jordan got a phone call delivering devastating news; his dad, who had dealt with depression and anxiety issues for many years, had committed suicide.

Jordan's world was shaken, and the band immediately went on hiatus. At that moment Jordan felt that music was peripheral, and he knew that he had to deal with his own personal issues. In the ensuing months, Jordan delved deeper into his psyche than he ever had before. In facing his own depression and anxiety, Jordan wanted to find alternative methods of treatment to prescription medications.

The process led Jordan to discover yoga, meditation, and other natural outlets to focus his mind, become more self-aware and deal with his anxiety. Over time, Jordan experienced a profound catharsis, and he was filled with a renewed sense of direction and purpose. During the downtime from the band, Jordan also started the Ed Lally Foundation, which aims to raise awareness for mental illness and promote meditation, yoga and other holistic mental health solutions. Big Infinite is taking the step of donating all proceeds from their EP and upcoming release show to the foundation in hopes that they can reach people who otherwise would not seek assistance for their depression and anxiety issues.

The newfound perspective fed directly into Jordan and his band's creativity and artistic expression. In his words, "The songwriting became unfiltered," reflected clearly in the band's new instrumentation, broad dynamic and lyrics that were honest and passionate. It was the gear that Jordan and his bandmates were always looking for, and they were able to find it as they came back together after their hiatus. This was something entirely new, and it deserved a new, fresh name: Big Infinite. Today they officially released their debut EP "Volume One" via all digital music services.

Now it's about so much more than their music, Lally shares: "Big Infinite is a band who has found our purpose. By casting light upon the noise in our own heads, we will connect with others who struggle. Our songs and shows will bridge that connection, while our partnership with the Ed Lally Foundation
fosters it further."

"Volume One" Tracklist:
1. Lady
2. Still an Animal
3. Won't Let Go
4. Rebel Burn
5. For a Song
6. Be Cool

Stream/Purchase Big Infinite "Volume One"

The Big Infinite EP Release Show w Gotham Theory, Luna June, Hammocks, Applefeast
Sat, October 21st @ Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD
6:30 PM Doors; $10 ADV/$15 DOS; 18 and over

Who Is Big Infinite?
Jordan Lally - Lead Vocalist, Keys
Andre Toney - Drums, Vocals
DJ Fritzges - Bass
Wes Anderson - Lead Guitar
Featuring Dami Soh - Cello

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