Music Industry News Network [10-18-2017]

Florida Swampytonk Album 'Milemarkers' Set For Release


Florida-based ‘swampytonk’ band The Crazy Daysies will release their first full album titled Milemarkers on Saturday, November 4 at 4 p.m. at Ragtime Tavern [207 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL]. The album contains new original songs and also top downloads on streaming sites on the Web.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Rebecca Day, and violist and vocalist Jennifer Day Thompson wrote the songs, with each work representing a milemarker in their musical journey. Since forming a band several years ago, the Jacksonville residents have performed across the South at corporate and private events, festivals and fairs, restaurants and bars, and private celebrations.

The Daysies also host a weekly show livestreamed on Facebook. To date, more than 25,000 unique viewers have tuned into the shows, with five of them completed. “It’s pretty shocking when you see people from Italy, Japan, and different US states tuning into your show,” said Rebecca.

“It’s also pretty shocking when you realize what you’ve committed to with a weekly show,” said Jennifer.

The challenge comes from performing three or more events each week, most of them outside the Jacksonville area. Meanwhile, the sisters continue to come up with new music that must be recorded. At present, Rockbot Studio’s Josh Cobb in Jacksonville has done a “fantastic” job producing, according to Jennifer and Rebecca.

The release party will feature a performance by the Daysies, and it will also include a special photography exhibit by Joel Molotzak. Molotzak has served as the band’s photographer from the beginning.

The first 20 guests to arrive will receive a swag bag containing Daysie merchandise and merchandise donated by area businesses. During the celebration, five more bags will be awarded via a drawing.

Songs on the new album include the anthem “Back Off” and the Southern rock tune “Old Jeans Blue.” All the songs feature the swampytonk sound Jen’s viola lends, and backstories about people and places the sisters have experienced along the way in their musical journey. One song, “Medicine Bag”, touches on the current Opioid epidemic and medical practices of bygone years.

A video and single release featuring “Old Jeans Blue” will be released on October 25.
Amid Hurricane Irma, the sisters’ schedules were severely impacted, and getting the album recorded amid all the rescheduling was a challenge. “It was really frustrating,” said Rebecca, “because schedules are set up to a year in advance. Suddenly we had all these weather cancellations who wanted to reschedule and we were dealing with a recording schedule too.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the girls’ grandmother in South Carolina unexpectedly had to undergo heart surgery. “Somehow we made it all work, but I can’t tell you how we did it,” said Jennifer who has an active two year old daughter to keep up with.

Besides the release party, the Daysies will also perform at the Alachua County Fair (Gainesville), the Right Whale Festival (Jacksonville Beach), the Jax Bar-B-Cue Fest downtown at the Landing, and a number of other performances in Georgia during late October and early November. Both Jennifer and Rebecca work at music fulltime.

The sisters advocate for pet shelter animals, and they have done many fundraising activities to provide money and supplies to area shelters. Both Jen and Rebecca own dogs they rescued.


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