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Los Angeles’ ZANO, Dedicate Their New Single And Performance Video To The Memory Of A Slain 21-year Old Mother, Who’s Murder Is Still A Mystery, 26 Years Later.


LOS ANGELES, California- On the night of September 25th, 1991, Jennifer Lynn Duffy was brutally stabbed to death inside her little
home off Live Oak Street in the sleepy beach town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, around 1:30 am EST, while her infant daughter was
sleeping next to her in her bed. After numerous leads, dead-end tips, and countless hours of interviews by federal and local law officials over the years, her murder case remains unsolved.

Former New Smyrna Beach local, and long time family friend of the Duffy’s, David Kinsler, directed the performance-based, music video
dedication specifically for the Duffy family, and to help bring awareness back to the city of New Smyrna and Volusia County. Shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, the City of Santa Monica, and in Phoenix, Arizona, Kinsler integrates an 11-year old girl who portrays the emotions of Jennifer’s remembrance, with image (flashes) of Jennifer Lynn Duffy, given to him by her family, and taken a few weeks before she was murdered into the video. Kinsler, who has worked with artists to include, LINKIN PARK, Stone Temple Pilots, FILTER, and PLACEBO, stated:

“I’ll never forget the night I got the call in the early hours of the morning, so many years ago. I was in undergraduate school, over 1200 miles away, and my heart sank,” Kinsler recalls. “Jennifer was truly an amazing human being- and for decades, my broken heart has bled for her brother, Matthew, her mother,
Cathy Wright Duffy, Jennifer’s now grown daughter, and all of her close friends. After all these years, and still, with no closure on her case, I simply wanted to try and offer a gift to the Duffy family, Jennifer’s friends, and the City of New Smyrna Beach, with a musical tribute to scream loud and clear, ‘We haven’t forgotten you, Jennifer, and we’re still searching for you,’ ” Kinsler, reinforced.

“Search For Me,” written, produced and performed by Los Angeles’ Brandon Zano, was contacted by Kinsler earlier in 2017, with the concept of possibly utilizing the song, the band performing, and the new single for the dedication.
“When David reached out to me, told me the heartbreaking Duffy story, and his transparent purpose for doing a performance-based music video for her remaining family, and in her memory, I never even flinched, I knew we had to
be a part of this,” Zano stated. “The whole, brutal story, it really touched us. So, speaking on the behalf of being an artist, when you write a song, you put your heart and soul into it- also knowing it’ll be interpreted differently by everyone who listens to it. But sometimes, in cases like this, you never expect your words and music may actually have a chance to bring so much healing and cathartic opportunities when it’s absorbed. The band is proud of this song, and thankful we might be able to bring some comforting vibes and thoughts to the families affected by this tragedy.”

Upon receiving permission from the dearly departed’s brother, Michael Sean Duffy, Kinsler moved forward with the production and shot
the video over a week in three cities- Phoenix, Los Angeles, and in Santa Monica on their famous pier. Orlando resident and brother,
Michael Duffy, was filled with gratitude and mixed emotions regarding the video tribute.
“With all this time, and all that has yet to be determined for Jennifer’s closure and justice, it’s been so very hard. There’s not a day goes by that my family and I don’t remember her. We all loved her so much. I’m just so thankful we have
this video in her memory, and I still believe we’ll see justice for Jennifer- hopefully, soon,” stated Duffy.

As of now, the Jennifer Duffy murder case is still considered active within the New Smyrna Beach, Fl., Police Department, and viewers with
any information are encouraged to call the following local and federal authorities with any information:
New Smyrna Beach Police Department: 1-386-424- 2220
Federal Bureau of Investigation: 1-855-835-5324 (Jennifer Lynn Duffy Case, NSB, Fl.)

“Search For Me,” premiered on October, (Friday) the 13th, 2017, via the Pure Grain Audio web site, and released on their social media platforms.



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