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Critically Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Meghan Cary Inspires Listeners To “Sing Louder!” With Latest Album


After a successful 20-year music career that has garnered her numerous accolades and awards, including Billboard Magazine’s Critic’s Choice Award, acclaimed singer-songwriter Meghan Cary is releasing what she describes as her “most empowering and authentic” album to date on November 1.

Cary’s latest work is aptly titled Sing Louder! and features 10 previously unreleased tracks that were carefully selected from both new and older original material because, as she explains, they simply “belonged” on this album. And while they may have been written during various points in her life, they all share one very important theme – to inspire and empower her audience to find joy in their lives and share their stories; to “sing louder” and make their voices heard.

The title track “Sing Louder!” resonated so well with audiences in her live shows, that Cary was driven to include some of these fans in the recording process. So, Cary gathered 48 music lovers in the studio to raise their voices with her on two tracks, “Sing Louder!”, and “Responsibility”. Many of them stepped far out of their comfort zones to don headphones and sing into a microphone. And they sang with passion, joy and abandon. This was a profound experience for Cary and all those involved, and that energy was captured on Sing Louder making it a remarkable record.

“Music is the most potent tool I know to break down walls, slip through barricades, and connect with each other. And when we authentically connect, we can change the world,” said Cary. “Now more than ever we need to be courageous enough to transcend emotional, intellectual, and political barriers, and raise our voices…together”.

Sing Louder! is Cary’s best album yet, showcasing her raw honesty and ability to connect with her audience through her high-energy tunes, masterful storytelling, and deeply personal lyrics. Guest musicians and a gospel choir are also featured.

The title track “Sing Louder!” will begin being added to radio starting November 1 and the album will be available wherever digital music is sold starting November 1.

The official track listing for Sing Louder! is as follows:

• Sing Louder!
• River Rock
• Responsibility
• Fly and Be Free
• Sail Across the Water 
• Little Girls
• My Life
• Live!
• Wind
• Drive 

Bonus Track:
• Hello It’s Me (by Voodoo Dancer)

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