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Bay-area Artist Embraces Inspiration From The South While Delivering Unique New Sound

OAKLAND, CA – When Kamantai Fungula, known by his stage name Action, was a young boy growing up on the streets of Oakland, California, one of his favorite places to visit on a regular basis was the youth center down the street from his house. In the center was a small recording studio, and his older brother would rap there frequently with his friends. As Action grew older, he became increasingly interested in music and found himself in the recording studio, as well. His friends encouraged him, telling him he was good and could have a future in music if he chose to pursue it full time. Today, he’s living out the realization of that dream, and his most recent album “Focus” is the living proof that hard work and dedication can lead to big things.

“That’s the whole idea behind this album,” he said. “It’s me showing the world how focused I am on my music and how much I want to take my time and make good music. It started as a hobby, but today it’s something that I care deeply about and I hope I can start to get some more buzz and have more people taking me seriously.”

The album features 12 songs of pure classics, all of which feature Action’s unique new sound. He describes himself as a laid-back artist who loves to play within the genre of trap and who is influenced by artists from the South.

“I am the creative mind behind everything I do,” he said. “I come in and do all the concept work and verse building. I start on the beat and finish the beat. I’m sort of like the Dr. Dre of my world. And compared to other Bay-area artists, my sound is more laid-back. It does have somewhat of a traditional Bay-area vibe to it, but my music is more Southern than West Coast. A lot of my favorite artists come out of the South – like Migos. I’ve been following their career from the beginning and they’ve been a huge influence on my style.”

Action said he’s pushing a handful of the singles from the album pretty hard. Two of them in particular have been gaining traction since the album was released. The first is a song called “With That,” featuring Judah. Fugula said it’s a song about drug dealers who avoid talking on the phone because that could lead to them getting caught. He also said it’s one of his more laid-back songs.

The second is a single called “Got Guap,” which he describes as a “new futuristic type of song.” It’s a song with a trap edge to it that he created to give people the chance to just have fun. The lyrics, like much of his other music, talk about his life struggles and the part of town where he grew up. It features two other artists – Dac100Pac and Skoota TrillAZZ – both of whom operate under Action’s independent label Stupd Raxx Entertainment.

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