Music Industry News Network [10-04-2017]

Resurrecting Hope For Humanity

Conscious Radio and Conscious Music Entertainment founder Milliea Taylor McKinney, decorated as a songwriter, and activist for humanity for over the past seven years has seen a lot of the under lying issues that we all now face in society.

McKinney started her plight while running her music business in pursuit of radio play when she ran across Grammy artist Skyler Jett. Jett well know in music as a Songwriter for some of the legends in R&B and in movies.

Her experience with him taught her the importance of her gift as a songwriter, and her ability to express great emotion in her writing. That is when she learned all she could from the gifted Skyler Jett. Her life never being the same as she was on her quest to establish the same in all the artist she works for and those she influences.

Now she is spreading the word of hope that escalades in a world we all struggle with daily.

The violence, hatred and lack of compassion has grown to unbelievable heights says; McKinney. Her hope is to share the idea of the basic rules of love, grace, hope, faith, and charity among our fellowman.

In 2011 she wrote a song 'We Are Hope" it was recorded by the late Sheila Raye Charles. (daughter of Ray Charles) the song brought home a very prestigious Award presented by the International Music Entertainment Awards {IMEA}. For song of the year. The song timeless with a message of hope presents a call to action theme from society.Reminding us all we have the ability to make change through our choice to be a part of the problem or the solution to one says; MCkinney. Her new platform can be heard on Weds evenings 5:30 and she welcomes call in listeners to share their thoughts. Her immediate hope is that she begins the process of planting the seeds of change to balance some of the violence that plagues our world today.


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