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Single Review: Slow Burning Car - "Soul Crimes"


Los Angeles rock band Slow Burning Car (an amusing name, by the way) just released a new album, Defection, this week. The album features the track, “Soul Crimes,” which is what I’m reviewing today. Slow Burning Car is made up of Troy Spiropoulos (lead vocals and bass), Tommy Marcel (guitar), and Adam Idell (drums). They’ve been going at it for over a decade now, and Slow Burning Car is still going strong. Defection went on sale September 26th and you can find it wherever you buy your music online.

“Soul Crimes” is a song that gets you to think if you pay attention to the lyrics. I found myself feeling this intense sense of vindication as well as one of desperation, two differing emotions that come from either end of the song. Are you the one calling someone out, or the one being called out for your misdeeds? Or are you both, and is this a very confusing thing to be listening to? I’m in the latter party, which makes the experience as interesting as it is stressful.

If I had a ‘reality check’ playlist, this would be going into it. I love the lyrics so much that they kind of overshadow my appreciation for the remainder of the components, but trust me, everything sounds great. These guys are all so talented that I’ll definitely be buying the full album soon, and any other works they’ve put out. Spiropoulos’ voice is perfect for the sound that he, Marcel, and Idell bring to the table. It is a song that I can have deep thoughts about while still getting into the beat and singing along with Spiropoulous, which is the very best a song can offer.

While the actual song is pretty uniform in terms of rhythm and melody, that doesn’t make it any less of a great song. I hope that there is more diversity in the full album, but I can’t say I would be too annoyed if there wasn’t. Slow Burning Car has exceptional talent and I would like to take a special note of Marcel and Idell. Marcel is a fantastic guitarist, one that I’m sure can push the limits and deliver a stunning solo here and there. Idell is the glue that keeps “Soul Crimes” together, providing a fantastic base that the others build upon while still making itself known and not being outshone at all. You can tell the musicians know how each other works, and what is the perfect balance between them.

I’d recommend both “Soul Crimes” and Slow Burning Car in general to anyone with an appreciation of good rock. They have an interesting enough sound that sets them apart from other artists, while still showcasing great commonalities between themselves and more well-known artists (especially Queens Of The Stone Age, who they list as an influence, and you can defnitely hear that in their work). They know what works and they absolutely kill it. I hope they have another decade in them, at the very least!

Victoria Patterson


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