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Album Review: Richard Schroder - 'Drive'


Richard Schroder is a hard-working perfectionist of a musician and that really comes through in his music. The theme of love/romance is common for country music just as it is common with Richardís music. There are only two songs on his new album that are not romance centered. Drive is a country music song involving driving. The song is a love song, about a musician who is driving home to see his love. He is tired of singing for strangers and ready to get back home. Itís a good strong country song. His lyrics flow very well. Listeners can tell that he must have put some serious work into it. ďDriving till the midnight sky turns blue,Ē is one of the well written lines. Using the word blue instead of day makes for a more vivid picture. Richard put a lot of time into perfecting the lyrics, with many re-writes, it took him 2 years to perfect the song. He strives for a higher quality of music. He definitely achieves that with this full and great sounding piece.

Stay is next; it is a song following an attempt at reviving a dying relationship. It has the same fullness as the song before it. You can feel his desperation especially with this line, ďIíd do anything if you wonít walk away.Ē Next on the playlist is Nashville Girl. Itís about a man falling for a female singer in Nashville. Heís looking for her after hearing her play. The banjo in the background is a great addition to the song. The instrument that comes through the fullest alternates and makes the background sounds more interesting.

Backseat Love is a fun piece about a backseat hook-up and remembering it later in life. Right In The Middle paints a picture of a relationship that is just about to turn serious. He wants to take that step, but she is not very certain. His voice in this song is higher. Someone Else is a song that has a sadder and softer sound. Itís a break-up song that almost brings a tear to your eye. One And The Same starts with a fast pace electronic sound. It can almost be considered of another genre except he keeps the country vocals tones and has some varying slow paced sections in the song. Itís a very fun love song, great to break up the seriousness and sadness of the previous piece. The next song is Wildest Dreams is a return to the typical country sound. Itís about living a full life and shooting for the stars. Anytime Anywhere is about a willingness to help an old good friend.

Pray For You is second to last. Country music usually has a Christian side this is Richardsí. This song is a statement piece saying life is hard and sometimes praying is what you have to do. Emily is a song about a prom queen who is older now and still living in that past. Richard is a perfectionist country singer, which comes through strongly in each of his pieces. His great lyrics and sound urges us to continue listening and wonít let us stop.

By Max Tentsman


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