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I Am Self-made Self-paid And Have Not Had An Easy Time Getting To Where I'm At @ShiftyEyesMusic


Where are you from?
I am from the small tourist town Sylvan Lake in Alberta, Canada. One of the most crime ridden places in the province. Although I am mainly pursuing my career in the United States, based in ATL.

Describe your sound:
My soundís like back to the future. It's inspired by everything from 80s and 90s roots of hip hop and motivated by the new wave sound of today's industry. I can't simply describe my flavour in comparison to other artists that exist today, because I feel each song has many different cadences inspired by all hip hop and other genres for that matter. Shifty Eyes is one of a kind.

Tell us about your latest track:
My latest single "Beast" was a blast to create, although this record ended up more lyrical, while writing the focus was more the fun/animation with the wordplay more than the punch lines. At first, we recorded the verses with a calmer vibe, but that first 8 bars was a freestyle I did after the recording and it changed the whole tone of the song so we actually rerecorded the verses with more intensity, I'm glad I spit that free. I think this one got a cadence for everyone.
Who inspires you?
Everyone really, artists inspire me when they passionately push limits, if that makes sense. Really, most of my records are inspired by so many different things, sometimes the beat brings me back in time, at other times itís a conversation we had the day before. I really am inspired by the New Wave, I'm not talking mumble rap I just mean the actual composition is abstract and fun today. Hip Hop has always been inspired by outside influences and other genres, the craft today is challenging, the next gen artists have evolved Future and Gucci's trap era, like X and Uzi, and are changing the game as fast as the pioneers built it.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Established, as long as I don't give up and my drive stays the same I like to think I have a limitless hunger. I estimate I will be on my 4th-5th album with some billboard hits, but the goal is a classic, if I can get an award winning "classic" record out of that time thatís success. I also hope to establish an organization by then that helps artists who, like myself, are independently funded to give them better resources/guidance.
Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
I am self-made self-paid and have not had an "easy" time getting to where I'm at now by any means, surviving it all is why I canít stop, as well as what gives me the strength!
Where can we check out your sounds?
Latest Single BEAST:
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