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I Thank Everybody That Motivate K.E. To Keep Striving Mane. I Greatly Appreciate Yall @_KiNgEmErY


Where are you from?
"My name is KiNg EmErY. I am from a hood called Glendale in Oak Cliff Dallas, Texas."

Describe your sound:
"My sound is described as unorthodox. I have a variety of sounds I bring to the table to bless my fans. Everybody knows you could get anything when you listenin' to a K.E. project. One minute, I could be talkin' bout hittin' clubs and fuckin' a thousand bitches, next minute, I'm on a track cryin cause my dog died. Hah! I think thatís why my following love me."

Tell us about your latest track:
"Ahhh....yea. 'First KiNg Out' is obviously my version of Tee Grizzley's 'First Day Out'. It's basically an introduction to K.E. for people who've never heard of me. Itís kinda giving people a brief taste of what to expect. As far as it being on K.I.N.G. 2? Nah....itís only a teaser. People sayin' I got busy on that hoe tho! Haha! But I thank everybody that motivate K.E. to keep striving mane. I greatly appreciate yall."

Who inspires you?
"I'm inspired by people I call pain rappers. Rappers like Kevin Gates, Boosie, NBA, 2Pac, Tee Grizzley....Niggas like that. They donít influence my sound or nothin'. But they do inspire me cause I'm just as good, if not, better than them niggas....But i fuck with their music tho. I still listen to the 'swag rap' and turn up shit from time to time, but I'm inspired by niggas that put out music I can relate to.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
"Preparing for my first album. Already having hits dominate the BillBoard Charts. Getting ready to win a damn grammy... I got just that much confidence and my fanbase has no choice but to keep expanding."

Where can we check out your sounds?
"Shoutout to my tech team. My tech team gonna work on all that in time for the mixtape, K.I.N.G. 2, to come out. As of right now, you can subscribe to my YouTube page: KingEmery Music but the best option would be to pay attention to my 'King Emery' Facebook page. Thatís where the official links and shit will be posted. I plan on it being on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, all that. Just stay tuned to the page."

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
"Hmmm.... something people need to know? People need to know, I'm going to make it to the top regardless. I got passion and pride in the content I put out. I work hard. Day in and day out, I try to perfect my craft. If you haven't heard of me, you're now formally introduced. First KiNg Out, coming soon...."

Twitter: @_KiNgEmErY
Insta: @andersonthethird


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