Music Industry News Network [09-25-2017]

Roxy Mae's SPIDER LANE Leaving Music?


In an exclusive MI2N interview, Roxy Mae bassist and vocalist Spider Lane seemed to indicate that he plans to leave Roxy Mae, the mid-Ohio rock trio that continued his building of his name as a household one [following his stint in MTV's Switchblade Scarlett] for rock fans in the Midwestern USA.

"It isn't sustainable," he said. "The 'scene,' as we tend to call it, is a disaster, and it isn't sustainable for people who are expecting even a difficult-but-possible life out of it."

When asked what he plans to do, post-Roxy Mae, he said he wants a "normal" life.

"Normalcy is something i'm not sure i've ever had, in terms of how most people consider it."

Lane began performing professionally at the age of 13, and his status has taken him on three U.S. tours and several festival appearances, where his [at the time] bands performed alongside Guns N' Roses, Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie, Sammy Hagar, and numerous other legendary acts.

He doesn't plan to quit music entirely, adding as an MI2N exclusive that he plans to release a solo album in early 2018, which he says will be like "nothing i've ever heard from someone at the place where i'm at." He describes the sound as, "Green Day, Little Big Town, and John Mellencamp put together."

Upon the likelihood of entering the modern working world, he does not plan to change his regionally-legendary hair, though he has no issue with tying it up.

Lane has no tattoos, nor any body piercings, and states he does not want nor plan to get any. "Obviously, hair isn't a big deal anymore. It's not unusual to see 'professional' workers with dyed hair, or things that challenge gender roles, but I wouldn't get a tattoo or piercing if I planned to go into today's 'professional' industries in America."

Asked further about his solo musical efforts, he said, "honestly, i've never heard anything like it before."

More information via MI2N will be forthcoming when available.


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