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Dirty Lil Secrets Get Exposed


Press Release
EP: Dirty Lil Secrets

Albums are labour of love for any artist and this new cut from UK artist Dar.Ra is no exception.  
Trials and tribulations came in the form of band splits, tinnitus which affected the way he worked in the studio, close family members passing away suddenly way too soon and industry issues with management.  

Staying locked on to finishing the project Dar.Ra hooked up with fellow music producer and writer Harvey Summers who has worked with luminaries such like Paul Macartney, Alabama 3, sold over 2 million albums and runs one of the best studios in the South East Of England. 
Harvey has created some incredible sonic masterpieces recently working with Daniel Lanois family member Laura Cole on an album called 'Human', which has some serious gems on it.  

The connection with Harvey gave Dar.Ra a safe space to work in after some heavy knock backs, giving confidence to the project. The two sonic shape-shifters got on with the job of creating the album, forging the songs which had been tested on the road the previous year.  
'We knew we had something with the first session of producing the epic sounding track 'Heavier Than Rock n Roll' says Harvey.  

'The best thing a producer can do is let the artist be the artist and bring out the sound and vision that makes the artist special in the first place'.  

Harvey was not about anything other than making the biggest sound possible which he has done to make this album something very special and something that really stands out from the crowd!  

Dar.Ra has been in the industry for a while with hits in the UK and Australia, signed to EMI,Festival and various dance labels over the years, remixing Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Savage Garden, and writing for Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) plus having music on various Hollywood films like 'Snakes on Planes' films starring Hilary Duff on ABC TV, Match Of Day (BBC TV) and US Documentary City Of Hope.  

His first solo album Soul Hours was released in 2010 and made album of the week of Spain's Heart FM, as well as received support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people on air within a live show.  

He also has a book out called Road Tales which has been getting great reviews and is based on people Dar.Ra met while being the road from the late 1990's to 2008, with the follow up titled 'The Night that Jimi Died' being released spring 2018.  
The new album titled Planet X is a unique blend of Rock Energy and Soulful melodies crossing boundaries from those genres plus visiting the world of Reggae and Country and World Music soundscapes.  

Themes include as you would expect of losing people you love way too soon on tracks titled 'Rewind', world insecurities on 'Heavier Than Rock n Roll', and love being your drug of choice on The 'Pill'.  
Although these subjects are on the dark-side of the spectrum the lyrics bring you back to the light.  

The album really is one which will sit well on your playlist if you are in need of something real and uplifting in an age of constant sorrow.  
Released 2018  
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Dar.Ra is a really Unique songwriter and producer who makes an Amazing blend of Rock and Soul Music  
(21st Artists Hollywood)  
Highly Impressive (Planet Earth Radio USA)  
Well worth listening to this Artist (Strutter Zine Mag Holland)  

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