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Single Review: Rhett Repko – ‘Thnx For The Ride’


Drums, guitars, and bass……… do you imagine pop music without these? Or when last you had listened? That memory when pop had guitars, bass and drums are fetching a pale flash in the dark.

"Thnx For The Ride" Rhett Repko move across our way. As they have released a character album which included that track with the entire new stuff in the variety of an innovative solo titled.

In toting up to a time mark of a fast rhythm, “Thnx for the Ride” is characterized by the self-styled of fun disco. Appealing is the finest technique to set it most outstanding as it plays off like a track while you know how to obviously entertain with. The beats of this music has that control which can be made to entertain.

Rhett Repko's approach is inspired and exclusively creative. Like their other stuff, this does the same trend; it just plants in their goodwill. In other hand illustration in the lyrics and vocal with instruments in concert presents one well-built piece of music energy and synchronization.

This song has the aptitude to shape further artistic beat that set over the prospect of the modern age of music. As Rhett Repko is different but purely creative, the style possibly will tilt towards a time of the earlier period like late 60's to 70's time but yet it is rock music or disco. Accordingly, they rotate with the excellent older rock n' roll. It just fixes to its individual practice of the process of composition.

The topic is outlying from carefree and moving so fit concerning Rhett Repko’s new track which presents this extremely raw, vocalist approach vibe, acoustic and simultaneously produce this huge indie oomph of rock song, together, together bound you with an inspiring and bright affection.

In addition inclusively in acoustic intensity Repko attempt the kind of folk tune, genuine, dirt countryside which any longer is not on the radio but with "Thnx For The Ride". Authentic themed western acoustics song leads with ample of beat undercutting the tempo work.

Since they are available for the fashion to apprehension at the Disco by means of their mix and match creativeness and utilization of music. That’s why Rhett Repko actually selected as fashion, excellence, and crash on this trail. Their approaches are cheerful and teeming with spirit. It has many available for it truly. In the acoustic formula the instrumentals working turned rock n' roll speedy and swift, over a release that reggae experience with further pop weaves. It is simple like the 60's to 70’s radio presentation and having a joyful appeal to its sound effect.

We know Rhett deformed the song where the unusual musical tones modify and a positive synchronization done genuinely thus this product also getting its tune or harmony like obviously specified by the track, “Were You Ever Really Mine?” His charming and elevated quality front lyrics are really magnetic as they soften into slight attractive coordination.

Surely after hearing the resonance of this song may leave its score. Rhett Repko’s tone has a realistic and pleasant feeling. The inspiring and promising note of this song creates the faithful impact of the singer and gives us an impressive intro about him when we listen to this.

8.9/10 Stars

- Norah Smith


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