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I'm Sorry - The Ultimate 3 - Released By Tabitha Records


I’m Sorry c/w Do You Dream in Colour
The Ultimate 3 - TABCDS131
Released 20th October 2017

The Ultimate 3 are based in Grand Rapids Michigan USA and this is their first single release in Europe on the UK indie label Tabitha Records.

Graham Sclater CEO of Tabitha Publishing heard their original blend of acoustic and rock music when Andy Mitchell at Audio Bay Mastering sent him some of their songs. The result was the band signing to Tabitha Records and their first official release will be the haunting “I’m Sorry” & “Do You Dream in Colour.”

The music of The Ultimate 3 is mostly conceived on acoustic guitar by front man vocalist Doug Kuiper. His atypical tuning and dynamic rhythm is the origin of the band's sound. Doug teamed up with Mike Boeve, lead guitarist in 2013. Mike's refined solo work with both acoustic and vintage electric tones create a rich, organic feel. The rhythmic vibe is driven by bassist Mike Steffes who adds the unmistakable sub-tones of a 6 string bass. The combination of the low-driving sub-bass and warm, rhythmic acoustic guitars give The Ultimate 3 their signature sound. After months of searching for the right fit on drums Doug turned to an old friend and former band mate, Dave VerMerris. His hard-hitting, infectious pocket grooves is exactly what their music needed.

The Ultimate 3 released their debut album in 2014 and are now writing new material for their second single release in January from Tabitha and a full length album in spring 2018.

Doug and Mike are the driving force and primary songwriters in the band. They are both students of the vintage, analogue sound and between tours, the majority of the band's rehearsal time is spent in the studio, tracking and writing with an occasional impromptu concert in West Michigan.

“I’m Sorry” & “Do You Dream in Colour” from The Ultimate 3 is now available from Tabitha Records TABCDS131 and to download.

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