Music Industry News Network [06-25-2017]

BMG Partners With 85M-User Chinese Social Network Momo


BMG is delighted to announce a ground-breaking partnership with one of China's biggest mobile social networks, Momo, which will take Chinese singers to Los Angeles to work with some of the world's most successful songwriters.

The deal will provide an international showcase for emerging social media stars from China.

The partnership was announced at an event in Beijing at which 10 alumni of Momo's Golden Chart performed.

BMG EVP Frontline Publishing US & International Writer Service Thomas Scherer said, "Momo and its amazing live-streaming platform is showcasing some of the brightest talent in China and we are honoured to work with them."

Momo has 85m users and its monthly Golden Chart ranks singers according to the number of virtual gifts sent by users.

Under the terms of the new partnership top performers from the Golden Chart will be flown to LA for an intensive bootcamp - which will be streamed live to Momo - before heading to an exclusive BMG SoundLab songwriters' event designed to create songs just for them.

BMG's unique SoundLab concept has already proven its worth in the Chinese market. In 2016 a SoundLab focused on Kris Wu, a former member of Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, produced the iTunes #1 single ‘Juice', first time ever that a Chinese artist achieved that sort of chart success in US!

Tang Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Momo said, "As the world's fourth biggest music publisher, BMG is home to rich music production resources and boasts abundant experience in music creation. This will add international contents and outlook to the entertainment business of Momo. Momo is also looking forward to creating fascinating cultural contents and values for domestic music market. We fully believe that there is still large room for the future collaboration between BMG and Momo."

BMG China Managing Director Sherry Zhuo said, "Momo has proved to be a game-changer in its innovative approach to mobile entertainment. We are delighted to partner with them in this win-win collaboration which will provide new opportunities both for Chinese talent and for BMG songwriters."


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