Music Industry News Network [07-02-2016]

The Blue Road By Juan Garcia Herreros


Colombian guitarist Juan GarciaHerreros is kicking our essences again with a delightful new release in which otherworldliness, bonhomie and ability are blended.  The six tracks are solemn performances and are supreme musical gems. The compositions are abounding, elaborated and outstanding.

The release conveys fervent spaces; the auditor will take a journey quite round acquiesced endeavors pairing choruses and reflections. Opuses such as “Water Giggles” ensures the music cracking away through conventions with prominent force.  Juan gives a plunge and slash throughout moving keynotes and abridged soundscapes filled with purposeful phrases 

Garcia Herreros hook and creases his strings even though guiding the hazards of sound sewing exaltations, manifested on “Balada para mis Hijas”. His explorations are in contrast with emotion articulated and annexed with aery manipulations and contemporary undertones with subliminal deflections and soulful changes.

An exalted mix of emotion and high musical ability counterpoise each part of this recording in a way that is inimitable and not peerless. Garcia Herreros is totally attuned to the great delicacies of self-awareness, transcendence and whole union in which the expedition translates into music of subconscious proportion. 
Juan reaches all over "The Blue Road" essential idioms, deploying his soul in each note that he accurately selects. These ethnics concepts will engross and thrill the listener. Here he casts and charts, inserting into your nerve force of will both earthly and magestic directions.  Sublime…


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