Music Industry News Network [05-26-2016]

MusicDishTV Review: "Weathervane" Official Music Video By Robert Rossi



Sunshine, beach, ocean waves, and seagulls in a peaceful Sunday afternoon - this is when you want to pick up your guitar (or your iPhone) to play a heart-warming song that would remind you of someone. And this is exactly what indie folk artist Robert Rossi has done in the music video of his newly-released album title track Weathervane. As opposed to those music videos that are grandiosely shot in a studio, this music video of Weathervane feels more like a home video of Rossi singing to the camera holder, whom he knows well and has a strong connection with. In front of the camera, Rossi is not only performing, but is also revealing his emotions and showing his true self as a friend, or a family member.

As the song Weathervane goes, "I don't use drugs to ease my pain, My love runs strong like a weathervane." This 13-song compilation is written largely from Rossi's mother's perspective, and is part of a larger cancer awareness project by the same name. The goal of the New York-based singer's project is to commemorate his mother's life after losing her battle to metastasized breast cancer all while raising global cancer awareness. The ultimate mission of the Weathervane project is to donate proceeds to organizations devoted to cancer research.


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