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George Harrison'S All Things Must Pass Is Restored With Five Previously Unreleased Additional Tracks

Harrison oversees re-mastering and writes liner notes to commemorate 30th anniversary of his masterwork, the first #1 album and #1 single ("My Sweet Lord") by a solo Beatle Double-CD edition of 1970 boxed-set - with Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, uncredited Phil Collins and others - set for JANUARY 23 in-store date

The 30th anniversary of George Harrison's ALL THINGS MUST PASS will be commemorated with a brand new double-CD configuration personally overseen by Harrison. It includes five previously unreleased tracks from the original 1970 recording sessions that includes "My Sweet Lord (2000)," a newly updated version of the classic song that gave him the distinction of being the first solo Beatle to score a #1 single after the group's breakup. The new package has been set for a Tuesday, January 23 release date.

Sure to pique the curiosity of long time fans, the previously unreleased tracks, presented at the end of disc one are:

"I Live For You," an out-take from the sessions that was not used;

"Beware of Darkness," an alternate version of the song, "still missing a few lyrics," different from the take which was eventually included on the album;

"Let It Down," described as "the original guitar and vocal from the same tape as 'Beware of Darkness' with a little overdubbing circa 2000";

"What Is Life," a rough mix of the backing track whose existence George had forgotten;

"My Sweet Lord (2000)," is an updated version, which Harrison produced "to create something extra for the Anniversary issue."

ALL THINGS MUST PASS was produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector, was engineered by Ken Scott and Phil McDonald, and featured orchestral arrangements by John Barham. Originally released as a triple-LP boxed-set in November 1970 on Apple Records, it was a monumental work that attracted some legendary players to the sessions that officially began on May 26. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was George's only former bandmate to attend, along with Apple artist Billy Preston on organ; long-time Beatles collaborator Klaus Voormann on bass; and Apple group Badfinger.

In the wake of Eric Clapton's 1969 busman's holiday U.S. tour with the Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett band (briefly attended by Harrison), the rhythm section of keyboardist Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle and drummer Jim Gordon had come to England to "hang out" (in George's words) with Clapton. Soon to re-emerge together in mid-1970 as Derek & the Dominos, all four joined the sessions for ALL THINGS MUST PASS. Although Clapton's work was unaccredited, on all but original U.K. editions of the boxed-set for contractual reasons, his name did appear on the U.S. version and is rightfully restored worldwide on this anniversary edition.

Likewise uncredited at the time was a 19-year old Phil Collins, who would unofficially join the band Genesis in September 1970. A former child actor ("Oliver") who was in a crowd scene in the Beatles' 1964 film "A Hard Day's Night," Collins was at the sessions "allegedly playing congas on 'The Art Of Dying,'" according to Harrison's recollections thirty years later.

Among the other musicians on-board were: Dave Mason (formerly of Traffic) on guitar, who had played one fateful benefit gig in June as an almost-member of the Dominos; veteran Nashville session ace Pete Drake, whose pedal steel guitar was the lynchpin of Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding album of 1967; and tenor saxophonist Bobby Keys and trumpeter Jim Price, Delaney & Bonnie refugees and veteran sidemen better known for their near-30 year association with the Rolling Stones. Add to the list players such as: Plastic Ono Band drummer Alan White, who went on to replace Bill Bruford in Yes in 1972; keyboardist Gary Brooker of Procol Harum; and New Jersey-born keyboardist Gary Wright, of Spooky Tooth and later "Dream Weaver" renown.

ALL THINGS MUST PASS was also the first major indication of George Harrison's relationship with Bob Dylan. The album's opening track, "I'd Have You Anytime," was co-written by Harrison and Dylan. The album's sixth track, "If Not For You," was given to Harrison by Dylan, who recorded it on his own New Morning album, released just a few weeks before Harrison's.

ALL THINGS MUST PASS is also unique for the all-star "Apple Jam" that occupied both sides of the third LP in the boxed-set. Consisting of five tracks that were recorded during the course of the album sessions, they were sequenced to accommodate the time-lengths of the vinyl sides. Once again, aficionados will appreciate that Harrison has restored them to their true sequence, so that the 11-minute "Out Of the Blue" - featuring Harrison, Clapton, his 'Dominos,' plus Keys, Price, Wright, and visiting New York rock journalist Al Aronowitz - is now the fifth and closing track instead of the first.

ALL THINGS MUST PASS debuted on the Billboard Top LPs chart on December 19, 1970. It hit the #1 spot on January 2, 1971.

In addition to re-mastering ALL THINGS MUST PASS, George has also been working on his first studio recording since 1987's Cloud Nine. This much-anticipated record is expected out in 2001.


Disc one

1. I'd Have You Anytime (2:57)
2. My Sweet Lord (4:37)
3. Wah-Wah (5:35)
4. Isn't It a Pity (7:08)
5. What Is Life (4:22)
6. If Not For You (3:29)
7. Behind That Locked Door (3:05)
8. Let It Down (4:57)
9. Run of The Mill (2:51)

Additional tracks (previously unreleased):
10. I Live For You (3:36)
11. Beware of Darkness (3:20)
12. Let It Down (3:55)
13. What Is Life (4:22)
14. My Sweet Lord (2000) (4:58)

Disc two

1. Beware of Darkness (3:48)
2. Apple Scruffs (3:04)
3. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) (3:46)
4. Awaiting On You All (2:45)
5. All Things Must Pass (3:44)
6. I Dig Love (4:54)
7. Art of Dying (3:37)
8. Isn't It A Pity (version two) (4:45)
9. Hear Me Lord (5:48)

Original Jam (resequenced):
10. It's Johnny's Birthday (0:49)
11. Plug Me In (3:18)
12. I Remember Jeep (8:05)
13. Thanks For the Pepperoni (5:32)
14. Out Of the Blue (11:13)


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