Music Industry News Network [11-21-2012]

Open Market Allows Music Creators To Sell Background Music Directly, Launches On November 28th: "Forget Your Copyright Concerns"


SoundUX (, a firm that specializes in audio planning, creation and consulting, announced that it would be launching Music Plug ( on November 28th. Music Plug is an open market for professional background music through which music creators can sell their music directly.

With SoundUX's music source site Music Plug, anyone can upload and sell background music that they have created or easily browse the available background music and purchase something for use. The service consists of two main functions. In addition to the background music open market, which offers unlimited buying and selling of background music that can be used in the development of movies, broadcasts, advertisements and games, it¡¯s also possible to commission original background music, sound effects, and voice recording through Korea's most extensive sound development network.

Music Plug is expected to be especially welcome news to smaller businesses that often can't pay the high price required to develop original sound files. Now, using the Music Plug service, content creators can directly purchase background music that music creators have uploaded for a reasonable price.

The Music Plug service is also completely available for individual use. Until now, it was almost impossible for an individual to legally purchase background music or sound effects, and anyone who downloaded the music floating around online ran the risk of being sued for copyright infringement. But now, individuals such as these will be able to use the source that they have legally purchased on Music Plug in the development of their products without worrying about running afoul of someone¡¯s copyright. In addition to this, the fact that users can access distinct tracks characterized by the unique style of each individual composer is another advantage that shouldn¡¯t be omitted. Another important point is that Music Plug will allow individual musicians and music creators to raise awareness of their work and simultaneously build their revenue stream.

Meanwhile, SoundUX is engaged in planning, developing and consulting for a wide range of music used in mobile content, movies, and video advertisements. Working in concert with composers, arrangers and sound engineers with 10 years or more of experience, the company provides sound that is optimized for applications, games, and E-books.


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