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Ultrasone Signature DJ: Professional DJ Headphones Handmade In Germany

Something all passionate DJs have in common is the desire for an exceptional set of headphones to indulge their passion. In recent years, Ultrasone has listened closely to many renowned DJs and designed a unique set of headphones based on their wishes and experiences the Signature DJ. These headphones are the second model in the Signature range which was introduced in 2011 just like the high-end models of the Edition series, they are handmade in the headphone production facilities in Bavaria.

Passion for the extreme
The Signature DJ headphones were designed for the extreme live conditions at the turntables. An extremely resilient headband with a reinforced metal strip provides maximum robustness. The ear cups are manufactured from a robust plastic and contain scratch-proof and unbreakable glass nameplates, which provide the characteristic design of the Signature DJ headphones. The threedimensional ear cup suspension allows for flexible use of the headphones: they can be worn in the classic listening position or the typical listening position of DJs with the headphones on just one ear.

The hard-wearing and soft leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep was chosen for the headphones which, in combination with the cushioning, ensures superior wearer-comfort for hours. Even after years of use, this special leather barely ages, nor does it perish or become porous. The 300 gram weight of the headphones, not to mention their superior wearer-comfort for the duration of a whole gig, is testament to their high level of resilience.

Ultrasone has paid particular attention to the headphone cabling: thanks to a bayonet fastening on the left ear cup, the single-sided cable can be exchanged in a flash. The headphones come with two highquality connectors: a 3.0m spiral cable with a 6.3mm gold-plated stereo jack and a 1.2m cable with a 3.5mm mini jack. By including a cable with a 3.5mm connector, Ultrasone is taking into account the fact that more and more professional users are working directly with a notebook without an external sound solution. What's more, a microphone is integrated into this cable, which can be used in multiple ways with a portable computer, as well as with a mobile phone or tablet computer.

Maximum loudness for the best mix
Along with the design of the housing, Ultrasone has developed a 50 millimeter Mylar driver which, thanks to its low impedance of just 32 ohms and sound pressure of 115 dB, enables distortion-free playback with maximum loudness. This makes the Signature DJ headphones optimally equipped for live performances. The Signature DJ headphones are also just as impressive at lower volume levels: using the patented S-Logic-Plus technology with its decentrally configured transducers, the natural reverberations of the auditory canal are used in order to achieve a broader stereo platform with an outstanding depth of sound. Therefore, despite the volume being perceived as 3-4 dB louder, a lower sound level can be used. Because of the closed design principle, the Signature DJ headphones offer a precise and present low frequency range with a clear mid and silky treble. The sound transducer creates a frequency range from 5 Hz to 32 kHz.

"Something all passionate DJs have in common is the desire for an exceptional set of headphones to indulge their passion. These unique Signature DJ headphones are the product of our many years of experience in the professional music business and our passion for high-quality products", explains Michael Zirkel, COO of Ultrasone AG. He adds: "These Ultrasone headphones have been specifically designed for use in clubs they are the perfect piece of equipment for professional DJs. Many of our endorsers from the DJ sector have shared their valuable experience with us for the development of the Signature DJ headphones. They are the first professional DJ headphones to be handmade."

The Signature DJ headphones are handmade in Wielenbach, Bavaria. During the final stage of this manufacturing process, an individual serial number is applied to every model. A specially built case is ideal for transport and perfect for storage.


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