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Music For The Hollywood Movie Ironclad


Ironclad is an epic action flick set in the time of the Knights Templars starring golden globe award winner Paul Giamatti as the tempestuous King John, who reneges on his signing of the Magna Carta promising freedom to all men. The movie is already out on Video on Demand VOD -(June 8th) and it was released in theaters worldwide on July 8th.

The trailer music as well as the theme song was composed, arranged and produced by award-winning producer Nicolas Farmakalidis in neilaproductions studios, which are based in Los Angeles California.Nicolas, who is originally from Cyprus, always had a natural craving for musical discovery that eventually led him to work with artists of many different backgrounds and musical styles as well as collaborate with Major labels from around the globe, such as Columbia, EMI, Dreamusic among many others. It is good to note that recently one of the pop ballads that he co- wrote with Aika Hirahara, Path of Independence, was recently certified Gold in Japan.

Aika Hirahara , gives an exotic spice on this unique musical composition with her unique and expressionistic vocals. This unique melodic line and her distinctive singing style, incorporates the japanese "Yo scale" as well as the "in scale", which is used primarily in buddhist chants. Aika is a singer/songwriter who exploded in the Japanese music scene in 2006 with the debut album "ai wo" (EMI) which peaked at the top-10 radio charts.Furthermore, Aika, co-wrote the theme song of this movie. Her second album will be released later this year. Moreover, Aika is the First Japanese singer/songwriter who actually composes as well as sings the theme song of a multimillion dollar hollywood movie.

Featured on the tracks is Greg Pajer (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers), who is a first call recording guitar player in Los Angeles. Thanasi Moustogianni (groove Paste) performed all the percussion and drums; and Andreas Farmakalidis (aika, Marty Friedman, RENT the musical) recorded electric bass lines.

Lastly, both the trailer as well as the theme song were mixed at Archon Studios in California, by award-winning producer Aris Archontis, who has collaborated with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato among many others.

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