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Carlos Go Go Gomez "New Paradigm Global Music"


Carlos Go-Go Gomez is a percussionist, a scholar, priest of the ancient African Ifa oracle and a martial artist. Through his lifelong spiritual quest he has adhered to the cosmic tenets of Ifa , the Bushido Code and the drum. It is only fitting that his latest release would be in essence a guided meditation. Beginning with the first track, Water Dragon , Carlos instructs the listener to abandon form and embark on a transcendental dance culminating in a cleansing on “Fearless Interdimensional Travelling”. You can almost hear the rhythms of the drum that beat out the Big Bang. Ancient as the wisdom of Anya, the sacred Yoruba deity of the drum.

This latest recording brings Carlos full circle. He incorporates all his influences dating back to his days in Seguida with the Fania label as a teenager on through his apprenticeship with the great master of Anya Pedro Jesus Orta Sotolongo aka “El Asmatico”, playing along side Jazz legend Bobby Hutcherson and trumpet icon Arturo Sandoval. Eventually he was called forth to add his unique sound to the Nigerian All –Stars, performing with Laura Branigan and Brazil's Batucaje.

“New Paradigm Global Music” covers a vast expanse of musical ground with its ancient drumming traditions , West African and Asian chants, electronica textures and jazz harmonies. His mastery of sacred drumming in the Yoruba tradition and his ever curious experimentation of new musical forms has made Carlos a favorite among producers like David Morales, of Def Jam records while maintaining a strong presence in the world of jazz and Afro-Latin music.

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