Music Industry News Network [11-11-2009]

Batt-O-Meter Saves Your Gig And Your Wallet



The first battery tester for musicians, Batt-O-Meter, is now available for purchase through many popular retailers. Frequently described as 'indispensable', Batt-O-Meter saves musicians from that dreaded moment when a battery dies during a gig by telling you the hours of life remaining in your batteries without removing them from your gear. Retailers are excited to now be shipping this necessary and useful device to their customers at an affordable price.

"It's a great time saver. It gives you an accurate reading of the voltage (which varies greatly between batteries even in the same batch) and the time remaining until empty, so you can be prepared for a session and not interrupt the creative process by having to change batteries in the middle of it. Great little box. Very well built." - Michael Wagener, music producer, mixer, and engineer of Motley Crue & Metallica

Musicians and gear technicians looking to save money, time, and the environment can purchase Batt-O-Meter at the Keith McMillen Instruments online store and from major retailers worldwide. For a complete list of retailers, visit the Batt-O-Meter site.

Batt-O-Meter is a simple to use device, yet so much more than a voltmeter or multimeter. When plugged into a " jack, it tells the user what they want to know: how many hours of usage are left until their battery is going to die. This provides invaluable peace of mind to anyone that worries about a dead battery marring his or her performance and saves them from the costly habit of replacing healthy batteries 'just in case'. It is also crucial for gear techs that want to know the status of the batteries onstage without wasting time opening up all the gear. Batt-O-Meter also tells you the voltage being delivered and can test stand-alone 1.5V and 9V batteries. A side switch selects from alkaline, carbon zinc, and rechargeable chemistries, so whatever type of battery you use, Batt-O-Meter has you covered.


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