Music Industry News Network [08-26-2008]

Virtual Venues Network Announces New Distribution Channel For Indie Films And Alternative Content


August 26, 2008 - Virtual Venues Network (VVN), a pioneering media company that produces high-definition, virtual concert experiences at clubs and theaters, has introduced an exciting new opportunity for independent filmmakers, music documentary producers and makers of alternative content. “Indie Roadshow” will provide an alternative to traditional theatrical presentations with a new, state-of the-art digital showcase environment offered to nightclubs and college music venues. The “Indie Roadshow” will be offered exclusively through the Virtual Venues Network beginning October 2008.

"This is an entirely new channel for independent distribution" says CEO Michael Horne, "In addition to the great concert footage that has been submitted for inclusion in our “Virtual Concert Experience” environment, we've received great documentaries and indie projects that are perfectly suited to the college and nightclub audience.” The Indie Roadshow will feature pre-release exclusive screenings and stage DVD release events city to city, on tour, all year round.

VVN books high-definition music content onto nightclub stages, replicating the live concert and bringing national touring acts into smaller markets they would not reach on tour. VVN is currently outfitting nightclubs and college venues with projectors, their patented, ClubLyncTM digital players and installing life-size screens on-stage at each venue. They are currently coordinating a 60-city tour with "Hi-Def From Red Rocks featuring The String Cheese Incident.” While The String Cheese Incident is no longer touring live, the three hour, twenty minute Virtual Concert Experience is reuniting fans in hometown venues across the country.

Visit for programming info and upcoming Virtual Concert and Indie Roadshow screenings or contact Virtual Venues Network at 831-421-9500.


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