Music Industry News Network [05-25-2007]

The Love Kills Theory Share Their "Suicide Girls"



In preparation for their "Happy Suicide, Jim!" Digital Tour, The Love Kills Theory is making their track "Suicide Girls" available to their fans as a free mp3 download through the MusicDish Network website. Fand can download the track at

Running over 12 weeks starting on Monday June 4, the Digital Tour will feature a different track from the "Happy Suicide, Jim!" album available for download exclusively on one of six major social networking sites for a period of one week. By the end of the tour, fans would have had the opportunity to download the entire album as well as free digital goodies such as album artwork, wallpapers and printable tour poster. Fans who download the "Suicide Girls" track will receive exclusive updates on the upcoming tour, including the specific week and social networking site where each track will be released.

"Our goal was to expose our album to the most listeners possible," explained band leader Cevin Soling. "So instead of focusing solely on MySpace, we decided to strike out to as many fan communities as we realistically could while giving them a chance to download our entire 13 track album."

As their name implies, the love kills theory is as much of a manifesto as a band. Society has reached a point in its development where the pursuit of the things we love - indulgence in all of its forms - is killing us by making us all soulless consumers. If art can't be resurrected, at least the reasons for its death will be documented in the love kills theory's songs.

"Happy Suicide, Jim! is just lunatic enough to keep your interest up. Soling and Minics interchange chunky chords, ably assisted by the sonic IED blasts of Pilato's and Stewart's rhythm section. Brandau's keyboards add some loopy effects, making the whole project a fine alternative to the bland pop currently dominating the Billboard charts." Larry Sakin, Blog Critics Magazine

"Happy Suicide, Jim! is a welcome break and goes against the grain of rock either being produced to be heard on Clear Channel or indie music which is strictly for internet radio. With lyrics that feature a true social conscious and smartly styled music and melodies, Happy Suicide, Jim! is worth picking up." William Alexander, Enigma

The Love Kills Theory is an artistic attempt to bring contemporary philosophy into the mainstream where it can be accessible and relevant. The group is fronted by Cevin Soling, who is also known as the Messiah of Tanna and currently studying philosophy for his Masters degree at Harvard University. the love kills theory is based on an amalgam of the works of Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, Aldous Huxley, and others, fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

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